Maskless Delta Passenger Faces 20 Years In Prison For Mooning Flight Attendant, Throwing Can

On January 7 a passenger on board Delta flight 45 from Dublin to New York JFK reportedly refused to wear a mask. According to an indictment he also “threw an empty beverage can, which hit the head of” another passenger.

While the captain was out of the cockpit he took off his cap and placed it on the captain’s head twice, and put his fist up to the captain’s face.

The man left economy for business class, complained about his food to one of the flight attendants there – and mooned them.

And then on final approach to Kennedy airport, he stood up out of his seat and wouldn’t leave the aisle.

The man is currently free on $20,000 bond pending trial where he faces up to 20 years of imprisonment.

On the one hand, I’m continually surprised by how badly passengers behave even accounting for how badly passengers behave. On the other hand, the man sounds like an obnoxious arse and perhaps also drunk. But no one was actually harmed. There ought to be consequences but I’m not sure 20 years in prison is fitting here.

Perhaps the most shocking element of the story though is that neither Miami nor American Airlines were involved in any way.

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  1. Gotta love the good ole USA. Want to lock up someone for 20 years for being a moron and not hurting anyone. Amazing how the American public chooses to be blissfully ignorant to the fact that we imprison far far more of our own citizens for the dumbest of reasons than any other country on earth….more than Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, or any of the other great boogyman countries that are supposedly so horrible to their citizens. Blissfully ignorant of the fact that we ban the import of anything made by forced labor, but we imprison almost a percent of our adult population at tax payer expense and then profit from forcing them to work in many fields. Amazing all of this does nothing to curb crime, but it sure does funnel a whole lot of your tax dollars into private cooperations run and owned by former, current, and future politicians who create our laws. Some food for thought for you.

  2. He “faces” 20 years which is likely the max sentence. If first offense he likely will get probation and a fine or a minot jail sentence.

    Click bait to suggest he will get 20 years. You are better than this Gary

  3. Hope you never encounter an inflight idiot and injuring others. Crime is Crime. One only hope Delta sues him too. Must have rich parents to bail him out.

  4. Burn down entire city blocks, assault police officers or steal thousands of dollars in merchandise……….no jail
    I’ll also wager (since I’m a betting man) that the latest NYC subway pusher draws much less than 20 years.
    Stay woke y’all!

  5. CHRIS and his/her/their whataboutism.

    There is no blanket impunity for those who “Burn down entire city blocks, assault police officers or steal thousands of dollars in merchandise”. Nor should there be for so-called adults who break US laws and regulations. The regulation requiring masks be used wasn’t the only rules violation committed by the passenger.

  6. the defendant is “Shane Mcinerney”. Google him. The Daily Mail article is very interesting.

  7. I definitely think there needs to be some SERIOUS jail time. It’s the only way these morons will figure out airlines aren’t messing around and being a jerk in the air is quite different than on planes.

  8. “He pulled down his pants and underwear and exposed his buttocks…” “The man is currently free on $20,000 bond pending trial where he faces up to 20 years of imprisonment.”

    Inquiring minds want to know, if this passenger exposed only one butt, would the maximum penalty be cut in half and reduced to a $10,000 bond and 10 years of imprisonment?

  9. Imagine he’ll get a big fine, perhaps a short sentence and permanent expulsion from the U.S. One article said he was on the way to a coaching job in Florida working with youth. Obviously that’s out the window. It’s clear this man needs professional help, not prison. A sad story.

  10. OMG he showed his buttocks!!!!……again as public masturbation on the NYC subway goes unpunished. We’re either a society of laws or we’re not.

  11. Hopefully his job at Peru State College in Nebraska comes to an end along his hopes of becoming an NFL kicker.
    As an Irish-American, I am fully authorized to say that this one needs to be sent back.

  12. I hope he does get 20 years. They really need to start letting people know that there will be consequences for their actions. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Give him 20 years minimum…

  13. GUWonder, as I’m sure you’ve already recognized, CHRIS is the kind of guy to whom everything is framed in the context of race in the same way that Hitler was the kind of guy to whom everything was framed in the context of the Jews. If I’m not mistaken, to an article discussing an environmental issue, CHRIS commented that the environmental position was woke in the extreme (or words to that effect). Admittedly, I’m still working on the connection. In any case, CHRIS maintains this position because he lacks a healthy self-image and knows he lacks the wherewithal to really do anything about it . . . other than try to tear down others . . . but, alas, he still is what he is.

  14. @CommonSense – thank you for outlining that we are “BETTER” than “Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea” But let me remind you that not too long ago many (African) Americans met their untimely demise for just looking at or whistling at a (white) woman … so spare me your fake outrage & get off your high horse!

  15. Wow. I guess this disproves the old saying that an Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold on to the floor.

    @Reno Joe – I partially disagree. Chris is a follower of the party of grievance. Race is just a part of that. There’s also religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. to be aggrieved about and as a member, being aggrieved is all he has. Sure, it’s pathetic but I suppose the bigger question is whether to pity him or not. Personally, I’m going with pity.

  16. “perhaps also drunk”, you think? I was going to joke about him being a soccer hooligan before I googled him and found out that he really is. Sounds like a jerk that should have been breathalyzed at the boarding gate but 20 years in prison? We don’t even give rapists and thieves 20 years in prison anymore, do we?

  17. As an airline employee, my opinion…throw the maximum penalty at ’em, ban ’em for life (on all US flag carriers), let ’em out on parole after a couple of years in the pokey. A felony charge will stick for a long, long time. The offender can drive, take a bus, a ship or train but won’t fly on a US carrier again. I have NO…NO sympathy for misbehavior on any form of public transportation, especially an airline.

  18. @Win
    Going to be hard to do since we’re defunding and abolishing police….also, prisons be rayciss…or something

  19. 16 year old on probation for carrying a weapon in NYC shoots a policeman. Shocker Let him out again.

    OMG, cause a disruption on an airplane and you’re looking at 20 years!

  20. The Biden administration, FAA and Dept of Transportation could fix this – were they so inclined. For any pax verbally or physically assaulting an employee and/or pax in an airport or on a flight:
    1. Mandatory 30 days in jail. No bail
    2. $20,000 fine. All federal government benefits including social security, unemployment benefits, SS Disability, food stamps, child tax credits, stimulus payments, tax refunds, etc are immediately stopped until the fine is paid in full.
    3. Lifetime “no fly” on any commercial airline.
    4. Lifetime ban from any commercial USA airport. Violation results in a year in jail and another $20,000 fine.

    It is doubtful this administration has the political will to do anything, however.

  21. @DFWSteve – Yeah, how dare the Biden administration not have the political will to turn this into a police state. Just because your proposals 1 and 2, and probably also 4, are illegal why should that stop an administration? Laws didn’t seem to deter the former guy.

  22. The guy posted a pictured of himself after his arrest of himself out on bail with a drink on the beach in Florida. Its interesting that the “law and order” folks now have removed airplanes and the US Capitol from the places where police may enforce laws.

  23. @postnobills ….and for the last word on the matter…….Maintaining civil behavior on an airplane isn’t a “police state” no matter how you try to spin it. I’ve travelled over 6 mil miles over four decades and and fed up with all the bullsh!t on planes. My advice to you is “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. And good luck getting over Trump derangement syndrome. ICYMI Trump is long gone and your man is now the hapless clown in charge. How’s that “defunding the police working out? Haha.

  24. Speaking of federal crimes, there was an interesting WSJ article the other day that said there is no database of federal crimes where you can easily search and find what is a federal crime and what the potential punishment is. The article noted that it is often the case that someone could be prosecuted with a variety of crimes for the same offense and the prosecutor can choose the severity level, etc.

  25. The laws over here in the USA are beyond ridiculous. I am not condoning this guys actions but 20 years for basically a drunk and disorderly charge is ridiculous. People stormed the capital and destroyed property and people died yet are getting slaps on the hand and sentenced to a few weeks in jail. There is no consistency to the punishments here. If you are arrested for multiple drunk driving’s that don’t involve a crash or injury you can get several years in prison based on what could have happened while child molesters get 2 year sentences for their first conviction despite having already ruining someone’s life forever.

  26. You can murder someone in certain lib cities in the US and not even get 5 years in prison…this is overkill

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