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Last night was the launch party for Star MegaDO — the ultimate frequent flyer adventure, where 150-200 enthusiastic folks get together, charter an aircraft, and go on behind-the-scenes tours of airlines and aircraft, while picking up swag and tons of miles and elite status along the way.

To get a feel for what a MegaDO is all about, you can read a sample of some of the past media coverage. January’s oneworld MegaDO was featured on the front page of the business section of USA Today and also in
an Associated Press story that hit about 70 papers.

Scott McCartney‘s Wall Street Journal piece on Star MegaDO 3 focused on Tommy Class – a blocked middle seat, like intra-European business class.

And the first Star MegaDO was featured in a big Conde’ Nast Traveler spread.

I blogged last night’s events over on the MegaDO site.

If you’re interested in learning more, or participating, you’ll want to sign up for e-mail updates at, subscribe to the RSS feed of the MegaDO Blog, and follow the action at Milepoint.

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  1. […] I’ve been fortunate enough to attend StarMegaDO2, StarMegaDO 3 and oneworld MegaDO.  They’ve all been great adventures, each one unique.  If you want to get a good sense of what a MegaDO is, Gary Leff of View from the Wing has a bunch of great links that detail previous adventures. […]


  1. Just curious on your thoughts Gary. Do you think United is attempting to get back in the good graces of the frequent flyer community by joining SMD?

    If things haven’t changed by November, this could be an interesting DO.

  2. I agree that UA’s prominent role in this DO could be a problem for some, although it may be a good opportunity to “clear the air” if it’s handled right. A lot can happen between now and November.

  3. Gary – any idea what happened to the “Asian Dawn”, “Mediterranean Medley”, etc. options? Those sounded very cool…while I’m sure it will be nice, it sounds like SMD2/3 where it’s a short tag-on int’l program and then a regular domestic one.

    As for COdbaUA involvement, as an over-entitled elite I’m going to opt out of the domestic program as I doubt I’d be able to put on a happy face at the events. Also, sure there will be some nice activities, but doesn’t seem that distinguishable from previous SMDs given UA/Hyatt focus, Houston/Chicago, etc.

    $misek bailed on the last two and I wouldn’t put any trust in him being at this one either.

  4. I certainly hope UA isn’t using the DO, with its enthusiastic participants, to somehow validate its many recent (and often unpopular) policy and operational changes.

  5. @UA-NYC there were some challenges with a European charter, lots in flux over there right now, this opportunity was too good to pass up domestically.

  6. Gary, do you know if it would be possible to get in on the UA portion of the DO in chicago on Thursday, November 15? I can’t take a week off for this even if I were lucky enough to get to buy a ticket before they sell out.

  7. @Jing the MegaDO events are only open to people participating on the charter, there isn’t room for additional folks unfortunately

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