Mexico’s President Is Currently Flying Delta Coach, Connecting In Atlanta, To Meet President Trump

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that private jets are for the “neoliberal elite” so the populist chooses to fly commercial. Today he’s heading to the U.S. for a visit with President Trump. There aren’t currently non-stop flights between Mexico City and Washington DC. So he’s taking Delta, flying coach, and connecting in Atlanta.

Here’s the Mexican President ensconced in an exit row aisle seat on board Delta flight DL366 from Mexico City. His aides were smart to choose Delta, since unlike United and American which could have gotten him between Mexico City and Washington DC today Delta limits their loads to block middle seats. His flight left 11 minutes early, and arrived in Atlanta 23 minutes early. It will be nearly midnight when he reaches his hotel.

Mexico’s President hasn’t taken a trip abroad since assuming office in 2018. While taking a hard line against President Trump prior to becoming President, Trump last month called Obrador a “really great guy.” In private Trump has reportedly called Obrador “Juan Trump” seeing the man as an outsider similar to himself.

The Mexican government has a Boeing 787-8 for Presidential use but ‘AMLO’ won’t use it, or other Air Force aircraft owned by the government. The 787 is stored in Southern California, and prospects now to sell it are worse than they were before the global pandemic for sure. Still, he’ll have received diplomatic immigration on arrival – his travel experiences are different than those of the average Mexican citizen.

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  1. Looks like maybe he can’t afford to pay for the wall. Maybe Greenland would pay for it?

  2. I certainly respect the desire to save taxpayer money, but I wouldn’t have faulted him for flying up front.

  3. @Tom bravo. They might still want to pay for a wall now, to keep the Trump pandemic from seeping in from the north.

  4. Some politicians corruptly seek to use their office in search of riches, and those like AMLO who are much more interested in raw power and demagoguery . . . but are no less corrupt and willing to impoverish their people and hobble their nation to attain what they desire. AMLO is no hero and this is just part of his schtick.

  5. Listen, Trump is nothing compared to this intent of person we have as president (small caps). If you keep him up there, we promise to build the wall, seriously!!

  6. Unlike Trump, this man knows and exemplifies humbleness. He’s travelling on government funds on commercial flights and exercises fiscal responsibility like a proper elected public servant should.

  7. Your last sentence….. of course he receives diplomatic status upon arrival, just like all of our diplomats do when arriving in foreign countries. Way to distort facts to push an agenda.

  8. @KK Humbleness? Fiscal responsibility?
    It’s just a show, the guy is as corrupt as most his predecessors. His kids travel private planes, wear design clothing, and his friends as well as his sons have suddenly become successful millionaires out of nothing. And don’t get me started on his ineptitude and his lack of sense of effective government.

    Don’t be fooled by a show. Yeah, he travels coach in Delta, big freaking deal…

  9. And he chose the non-reclining exit row too at 17A. At least he could have gotten the superior 18A…

  10. > His aides were smart to choose Delta, since unlike United and Delta

    Just a heads up, think this was supposed to say unlike United and American

  11. I was a flight attendant back in the day. Ted Turner always flew coach. Loved that!

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