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  1. As a foodie and Korean-American that grew up with Korean cooking, that article is dead-on. That was an amazing analysis, to tell you the truth.

  2. MIA is worlds better than it used to be. The new terminals are far nicer and there are a few more food choices other than a Burrito or Arepa. I am no fan of JFK and LGA is finally a little better (at least the newer) Delta terminal. Amex is building the lounge at MIA. Until AMEX opened in LAS that airport had nothing in the way of lounges. And LAX doesn’t impress me at all. From what I have seen in my last few trips there, MIA is better. The problems at MIA tend to be mostly security/TSA in my opinion. But TSA tends to be badly managed in a lot of places.

  3. I agree. Miami is years ahead of where it used to be. I actually really like the airport and drive past the stank of FLL to MIA 20+ times a year.
    My only issue with the airport is the baggage system. They spent how many millions on that new belt/automatic system and it’s significantly slower than before. They load 2-4 flights on a carousel while only half are in use.

  4. MIA? Obviously they didn’t visit terminal G. That place should be demolished. Not to mention MIA has one of the worst immigration/customs.

  5. Re: telephone solicitors
    Since no one grows up saying, “I want to be a telephone solicitor,” the job is probably one taken out of desperation. Those poor souls are just trying to pay their rent. I can’t bring myself to be rude to them. Since they are probably paid by what they can sell, that clever person just took money out of their pocket more than likely.

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