Miami Passengers Showed Up Late For Their Flight. They Wound Up In Jail.

“Florida Man” got his name for a reason. For decades it’s been said that every urban legend happened either in Germany or Florida. There’s some truth, at least, to most of these stories. And they all happen at the Miami International Airport.

While conflict in airports and on planes is down since the federal transportation mask mandate was lifted, we’re still seeing more chaos than we did before the pandemic. This often means physical danger for employees and fellow passengers – and if you spot it, you’re like inside MIA.

New video has surfaced showing Frontier Airlines passengers, who showed up too late for their flight around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, not take the news lightly that they wouldn’t be traveling. Instead, they “physically assaulted a team member who required medical treatment” according to a report of the incident.

Police responded to the incident, and the woman can be seen taken into custody. One of them screams while on the grond, and the other yells at the officer to get off of her.

Not shown in the video, one of the women apparently threw a sign at a Frontier Airlines staff member which cut her and required medical attention.

Charges from the incident include battery and resisting arrest. The women were released on $500 bond and are expected to return from their home town of Durham, North Carolina to South Florida for a February 23 court date. Do you think they’ll make their flight on time?

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  1. All the more reason for a national “do not fly” list shared among ALL airlines. One is innocent until proven guilty but until the “day in court”, they are banned from flying on a commercial carrier. This would be just like an ankle bracelet. There should be a way to be removed from this list IF…and only IF a federal court (this is a FAA sanctioned flag air carrier) of law decides that the person(s) was wrongly placed on the list or that the person(s) pose no further risk. This could be similar to a parole board. A “three strikes, your out” could be imposed for repeat offenders. I am not going to risk my plane, and in turn, my crew and my passengers to these lunatics.

  2. While Florida palms have big nuts, the biggest nuts in Florida are imported from out of state.

  3. Florida’s reputation stems from the state being unusually transparent in providing media access to arrest records.

    [redacted -gl]

  4. This kind of behavior will continue to happen as long as airlines continue to put profit over their employees getting their asses handed to them over and over again.

    Get together and ban these clowns from ever boarding any aircraft, regardless of carrier, and I’d imagine that some of these clowns would stop this foolishness when they know that their behavior will lead to a lifetime of standing in a line at Enterprise or Hertz.

  5. Jay Gee, what a despicable comment. I expect Gary to redact and ban you. There’s room for lots of opinions, but not racism. Yes, absolutely, that’s what you are: racist.

  6. Sad that we have to call out the cops to bag up the orange haired trash before taking it away. People like this are why I refuse to fly on Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant or any other half ass airline that takes trash customers away from Greyhound.

  7. The airlines really need to take out this trash and ban these people. Keep them off the trains, too. Let them take Greyhound.

  8. LoL Miami… In the old days the cops would have beat the s**t out of the both of them….a tune-up that they both richly deserved. Coincidentally, I was connecting through MIA last night and I sadly witnessed no such mayhem. My only wish was that TSA would allow chainsaws to be brought onboard. I certainly could have used one to cut the chicken (or whatever the hell it was) served in J on AA last night.

  9. I would expect nothing less from a “Disgusted Feminist”..
    Jump to conclusions and attack my comment.
    I was referring to the sense of entitlement that seems to infuse all this outlandish behavior, from spraying fire extinguishers to throwing things at employees.
    Project much disgusted feminist?

  10. I am absolutely not defending these people. However, Frontier has a long history of closing the door early and refusing people who were really not late being allowed entry onto the plane.

    It happened to me and I asked to see the manager on duty. Five minutes later a dude shows up and without hearing a word from me, starts yelling at me. Security happened to be walking by, I gestured “come here” with my index finger and they came to the gate. Long story short, Sky Harbor security turned him over to Phoenix police. Last time I ever thought about flying Frontier.

  11. These people look better, has more money and ability to spend but their behavior continue to be same trashy and also getting R money soon yikes

  12. Flights can be ahead of schedule y’all. There’s a maximum 30 minute window under FAA policy. So feasibly your flight could leave the gate 30 minutes ahead of the departure time listed on your ticket. Once the pilots confirm the anticipated departure time to the gate, boarding is stopped 15 minutes before that time. That is FAA Regulation and Federal Law. If you do the math, that is why all airlines suggest arriving at the gate at least 45 minutes early. I’m sure the gate crew would love to just let you board, but they can’t. So just get to the stinking gate 45 minutes ahead like they suggest.

  13. @Ujnd R money? Their ancestors received 40 acres and a mule long ago, it’s not the taxpayers problem if it was lost on a dice wager.

  14. @Gary – LOL, I get a massive chuckle from the linkage suggested in your headline. That’s like saying “Osama Bin Laden grew up in Saudi Arabia. He was slaughtered by U.S. troops.” Both are technically correct and have equal causation. Slow day, eh?

  15. One photo tells the tale. The usual entitled NWA suspects. MIA seems to be a hot bed of losers.

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