Michael Luttig, Once Short-Listed For The Supreme Court, Is Out At Boeing

Former conservative fourth circuit federal appeals court judge Michael Luttig, who resigned from the bench in 2006 to become Boeing’s general counsel, is being retired effective the end of the year.

Luttig left his lifetime appointment as a federal judge citing his kids’ college tuition. His compensation, $175,000 before leaving government, increased nearly twenty-fold.

He moved out of the role of Boeing’s general counsel in May becoming senior advisor to Boeing’s recently-ousted CEO and to the board. He was an Executive Vice President responsible for:

  • All legal matters” related to the 737 MAX debacle
  • The company’s failed trade complaint over the Bombardier C-Series (now the Airbus A220)

With the CEO gone, the CEO’s consigliere is out too. The 65 year old, though, has earned tens of millions of dollars since leaving the government fast track. Prior to being appointed to the federal judiciary among other roles he served as a law clerk to the late Justice Antonin Scalia and as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel where he was succeeded there by Bill Barr, who would twice become U.S. Attorney General (holding that role presently).

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  1. You should apply for that position, @Gary. Lawyer, industry-authority.

    Or for the sake of your health and sanity, maybe It’s not a good idea.

  2. So what advice did he proffer to the CEO? Perhaps, “ Call Donald, he’ll sort these pesky , questioning journalists and foreigners out, quick smart”
    Good riddance…just another clueless spinmeister, living high on the hog whilst profiteering from deceit and human misery….

  3. Said the Robot: Warning! Warning! Anti-Trump Trolls.

    Paulo is Troll1
    Rog is Troll2

    Do any more want to come out to play?

    This story has nothing to do with Trump.

  4. @Other Just Saying
    In your usual NRA-style ‘ shoot first, ask questions later’, you’ve failed to notice that the comment had nothing to do with Trump, but was rather a reflection on Mullenberg ( if that’s the spelling) and his pathetic hack advisors…in full denial about the seriousness of the issues facing Boeing, so “let’s call Donald”was the best they could come up with? ( who told them to bugger off, rightly so…)

  5. @Paolo: Rog thought you meant Trump. However, given your comment, I revise list.
    Rog Troll1
    Paolo: NOT Troll, Sorry.

    However, just curious, did the NRA ever state or write ‘shoot first, ask questions later’? Maxwell Smart the 60s TV show “Get Smart” said that, but it was accompanied by a laugh track.

    For the record, before you start calling me a card carrying member of the NRA, I do not and have never belonged to the NRA. And before you send the National Guard (like some have suggested in Virginia) after my gun, I should tell you I do not own and have never owned a gun.

  6. @Other Just Saying
    Sorry, too late. I already emailed AOC and she’s sending people over; expect a visit imminently.

  7. Luttig? What a convenient ‘retirement’… just when more info comes out about how very much more the execs/counsel murderers/terrorists knew before they conspired to those deaths….

    …Not to mention the Christmas eve attempted cover-ups…

  8. @Paolo. That is actually kind of funny. Talking about AOC, what is with her little girl nudnik voice. She sounds like she is 8 years old. Can you imagine being her boyfriend, listening to her annoying voice 24/7: It would be a fate worse than death.

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