Milepoint Premium: Just a Few Hundred Packages Left

Yesterday I was talking with Randy Petersen and he mentioned that there are fewer than 500 Milepoint Premium membership packages left.

The limitation is based on what the frequent flyer community has been able to secure from its partners, a limited number of free or deeply discounted benefits.

I’ve mentioned Milepoint Premium membership in the past, here, here, and here.

Milepoint premium was rolled out on a test basis, I blogged it and it turned out to be hugely popular. It was brought back, sold out, and then more packages were made available.

But I’m told that the $59 annual package which includes United miles, Hyatt status (or Hyatt points for those who already have Hyatt status), and National Car Rental status is only going to be available as long as these few remaining packages last. There won’t be anything quite like it in 2012, though we certainly hope to have attractive offers for frequent flyers in the future.

Those 500 packages won’t last long, I see this morning that Milepoint premium is also mentioned at One Mile at a Time and by the Points Guy. So if you’re interested, I’d suggest you not wait.

The current offer is $59, which covers a year of premium membershipship and includes one year of ad-free viewing on and:

Points and elite status: 

  • 2,000 United MileagePlus miles
  • Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status through Feb. 2014 or 2,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points if you are already a Hyatt elite member
  • Upgrade to National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Status

Several additional freebies:

  • One Free Gogo Inflight Internet 24-hour pass
  • Free 1-year subscription to
  • Free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus account and a free AwardWallet OneCard
  • Free 3-month trial of Clear
  • Free upgrade to UsingMiles Premier Membership

A host of travel-related discounts:

  • 40% discount on “Decoding Air Travel” books
  • 25% discount on “Frequent Flyer Master” e-book
  • 20% discount on “Decoding Air Travel” seminars/webinars
  • 20% discount on
  • 20% discount on
  • 20% discount at SCOTTEVEST
  • 10% discount on KVS Tool

Here’s the full list of benefits and a frequently asked questions. And here’s the Milepoint discussion thread where folks are talking about premium membership.

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  1. Gary,
    Thanks for this! I signed up a couple of days ago, but curious how long it should take to get my Executive Status with National? And will that just show up on my account with them when that does happen?

  2. I signed up this week, but haven’t taken the miles or points. Should I do that immediately or can I wait? Will supplies run out of I don’t redeem all the benefits now?

  3. I signed up a while ago but haven’t seen the United or Hyatt miles. I did notice the extension of my Executive status to 2014 (I already had Executive status). I haven’t noticed if milepoint has been ad free but I will check. I haven’t received my gogo voucher. So, mixed so far.

  4. @mark — Have you ‘claimed’ your United points and Hyatt status (or points if you are already a Hyatt elite)? You go to the Milepoint ‘award store’ to input the name and account number that you want points/status to go to. But bear in mind that both are indicated to take ~ 6-8 weeks. So there’s still time… The gogo code though should have come to you in a ‘conversation’ on Milepoint shortly after you signed up, did you get a note from Michelle O’Neill?

  5. Pet peeve: Bloggers who fail to proofread! “Membershipship” is not a word.

    *grammar snob* 🙂

  6. I bet I have been driving you nuts for years. A true fault of mine is I never even read through my posts before I hit publish (sorry)

  7. @Gary – Couple of things. 1) I just went to my Inbox and saw the mail from Michelle. From the main page, my Inbox wasn’t flashing or indicating I had a message, so I never looked. So, yes, I have my gogo code. Thanks.

    2) Regarding your question of whether I claimed my United and Hyatt points (I am already Hyatt Platinum), yes, I did. No rush…just wanted to point out that I did purchase early in the second tranche and haven’t received points from either UA or Hyatt.

    3) Weird thing about the National status. I am Executive and noticed that my status is already extended to 2014. I don’t have enough rentals to have it already extended. But, when I go to my “Milepoint Award Store” the National status is still unclaimed. Strange.

  8. @Gary – It wasn’t a joke but rather a serious question. Do you know whether I can claim multiple bonuses to my account if I sign up other “family members” for accounts with Milepoint? I need to top up a United account and this is much cheaper than buying the miles directly.

  9. Thanks, Gary. I purchased last week but here was no follow up confirmation email … just takes time?

  10. I like my Emerald Club expiration date: 31-DEC-2037. I’m actually wondering if I don’t want to apply my MilePoints Premier benefit – it might actually change my expiration date for the much worse! 🙂

  11. Gary:

    Thanks – just signed up. If I am correct, I have 1 yr to claim certain benefits. How will National status work? Is it for 1 yr from when I claim it (and it gets updated)?

  12. Is the National Car status for a year from redemption or is it to a certain date in the future? I don’t have any rentals coming up so I’m thinking I want to push off using this benefit in order to string it out further in the future.

  13. Gary, just got the premium membership, even though I don’t go to Milepoint as often as I’d like. A good part of the reason for that is the lack of a ‘my forums’ feature. I first asked about this (along with many others) way back when Milepoint got up and running. I see a post as recently as June asking when this feature will be available; Milepoint’s response is always “we’re looking into that!”

    Can you provide any insight here? I really don’t understand why this feature doesn’t exist, unless the Milepoint powers-that-be just don’t want it. Sadly, I don’t see myself becoming a Milepoint devotee without this feature, even with the premium membership–lame as it may sound, I don’t have time to constantly wade through forum trees.

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