Milepoint Premium Membership is Back (with a Limited Time Offer)

Milepoint, the frequent flyer community that I helped to found a year and a half ago, is again offering its ‘premium membership’ package — a way of supporting the community while also receiving a rich package of benefits that most consider more than worth the cost.

The current offer is $59, which covers a year of premium membershipship and includes one year of ad-free viewing on and:

Points and elite status:

  • 2,000 United MileagePlus miles
  • Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status through Feb. 2014 or 2,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points if you are already a Hyatt elite member
  • Upgrade to National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Status

Several additional freebies:

  • One Free Gogo Inflight Internet 24-hour pass
  • Free 1-year subscription to
  • Free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus account and a free AwardWallet OneCard
  • Free 3-month trial of Clear
  • Free upgrade to UsingMiles Premier Membership

A host of travel-related discounts:

  • 40% discount on “Decoding Air Travel” books
  • 25% discount on “Frequent Flyer Master” e-book
  • 20% discount on “Decoding Air Travel” seminars/webinars
  • 20% discount on
  • 20% discount on
  • 20% discount at SCOTTEVEST
  • 10% discount on KVS Tool

Here’s the full list of benefits and a frequently asked questions. And here’s the Milepoint discussion thread where folks are talking about premium membership.

I did help put together a few of the offers included with Milepoint Premium. I’m proud of the frequent flyer community I helped to found a year and a half ago, and am always excited to be able to provide value back.

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  1. Did the first batch really run out, or is this an Applesque marketing stunt?

    Signed up in any case.

  2. Hyatt Platinum alone is with it, as I applied for the card once I got status. gogo 24 hour pass certainly won’t hurt when I do my double p.s. run in a few months, 35 hours, 4 p.s. flights.

    Thanks for the great membership, I hopped on it minutes after it first launched.

  3. I did the Premium Membership about 3 weeks ago, but have not gotten any addtl` info by email or snail mail ?
    Thought I`d see a membership packet by now ??

  4. Really glad I got in on this. I was about to pull the trigger before the offer was sold out in early August. Immediately received an email from Milepoint outlining the benefits and how to redeem as well.

  5. I did this the first time you offered. I paid $59 and I had some questions:

    1. How do I get 2,000 United MileagePlus miles? I never got them.

    2. How do I get Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status through Feb. 2014? I never received any confirmation of such status, or any instructions on what to do.

    3. How do I get One Free Gogo Inflight Internet 24-hour pass? Never received mine.


  6. @Nick – just log into your Milepoint account and under Extras you will see the ‘Award Store’. That’s where you provide United and Hyatt info. Also, if you look under ‘conversations’ you should have a welcome message that includes your Gogo code.

  7. I hope none of this money will be donated to Livestrong. Please continue to support cancer charities but please give to those that actually do research (unlike Livestrong). It sickens me to know that all the money raised is used to pay for “cancer marketing” (i.e. Livestrong slush fund). If you don’t know what I’m referring to just google Outside magazine’s expose on the fraud of Livestrong. I cringed when I saw milepoint gave them a check for 25k.

  8. Gary – I subscribe to the print version of InsideFlyer. Is it possible to pay an additional fee to upgrade my Milepoint Premium online subscription to a print subscription extension or renewal?

  9. @UAPhil – That would be a question to ask Michelle O’Neill, I have no idea, just reply to the covnersation on Milepoint about your benefits and ask

  10. my son in law would like to do his first credit card sign ups ,can you help to get him started ? he has no debt and is working

  11. i rely want a Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status through Feb. 2014.
    can an indian resident get it from milepoint by just paying 59$ ?

  12. Hello,

    Just signed up! I have Hyatt Platinum status through March 31, 2013. If I wait until April 2013 to claim my Hyatt Platinum Membership, will it only be active until Feb 2014 or for 1 year after you claim it?

  13. can we sign up and then wait to redeem? for example, I’ll make national executive club before the end of year but would want to wait and redeem for another year of exec club membership after I make the tier…but I’d like to purchase premium membership now.

  14. So it says we can redeem the benefits at any time in the next year. If I wait until Jan 1st 2013 to redeem Hyatt Platinum does that mean it will be good until Feb 2015?

  15. I’m thinking of staying 2 nights at a Hyatt hotel in the beginning of October. If I sign up today how soon will my Hyatt Platinum status show up on my account and will I be able to enjoy the benefits by that time.

  16. I have an award stay for the Grand Hyatt NYC in December. Currently I have no status with Hyatt. What would I get for the $59 that would make it worth my while for that one stay? Does it include club access for a free breakfast?

    I’m not sure my my travel plans are for next year with Hyatt, so not sure if it would be worth it to pay that much for breakfast. I can use my 4G connection on my rooted phone and get all the wifi I need. That seems like a big bonus for others though.

  17. I’m interested in signing up, but I cannot find where to tell if this offer is still available or how to sign up.

  18. Does anyone know how long it takes to sign up and get approved for Clear. I have a trip coming up through SFO and thought I may give it a try, but don’t to go through the hassle of signing up if I won’t get membership before my trip.

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