Now Earn Miles for Breast Augmentation and Other Plastic Surgery

You really can earn miles for everything. People will do crazy things for miles, and why not? They’re the most successful marketing innovation of our time. Airlines rent their programs to motivate customers of others businesses, and earn billions in return.

I’ve done plenty of crazy things for miles like renting and returning cars that you do not need and don’t actually drive, going to a Bosley hair loss consultation for 20,000 Delta miles when I’m not actually bald (and before I had lost any hair).

Before I wore glasses there was Lasik eye exams for 5000 Delta miles. And then there was dumpster diving for Wendys sode cups when those were redeemable for Airtran A+ Rewards credits.

I never did this, but it was possible to earn miles by donating blood.

Via The Gate, it’s possible to earn Iberia Avios for plastic surgery.

Now, Finnair used to let you redeem miles for breast augmentation though at 3.2 million points for an 8000 euro procedure it wasn’t a very good deal — only one quarter of a euro cent in value per point.

But now you can earn 30,800 Iberia Avios for breast augmentation as well as points for a variety of other procedures including 22,000 Avios for fertility treatment and 51,100 (not just an even 50k!) for lasering your prostate.

I have a lot of points, and even a lot of Avios. But I can’t help thinking how many more points I’d have if I was a hypochondriac. Points post “60 days after payment of the product or service.”

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  1. Awesome
    What a satisfying new way to get my new boob job 😉
    Are there bonus points if buy the biggest ones they sell?

  2. I will do the testing for no charge. You know how they might feel to the hands of a discerning gentleman.

  3. Laugh all you want Gary, but your prostate’s going to be a bigger part of your life the older you get (literally). Might as well get the miles with the TURP.

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