Missed the Snack Cart? Don’t Press the Flight Attendant Call Button. It’s Not an Emergency

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  1. The HoJo revival is an interesting phenomenon. I’m planning a trip to Argentina in February, and it seems that half the hotels in that country are HoJos.

  2. I forgot that snacks are distributed on flights. I recently spent almost 5 hours on Delta and there was nothing. Wife had same experience. We both experienced this in economy, we both noticed that snacks and meals were distributed in first class and then it was declared dangerous for the nest hours.
    With the exception of real extreme weather, fluids should be mandatory.

  3. Was just in Argentina and I was also surprised at existence of HoJo. Meant to take a picture.

  4. OK, is “finding North with a compass in the Arctic” an actual saying, because…..wouldn’t it actually be MORE difficult because of the difference between magnetic north and true north?

  5. @Sco – not a real saying, I made it up as I was typing, but that’s an interesting question and it might well be, the thought was you’re ALREADY THERE 🙂

  6. HoJo Anaheim was decent for a Disneyland trip when we scored an Orange Monday (or something like that) black friday deal for half off our room.

  7. A Maimonides-themed hotel? I dunno. Get me a room on one of the higher floors, smack in the middle of a cloud of unknowing.
    RAMBAM, thank you ma’am.
    I’m here all night. Heck, I’m in Cairo, putting on a clinic.

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