How to Get Free Airport Wifi, Las Vegas Hotel Award Sale, Buy United Miles Less than 2 Cents Each

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  1. I must have mis-read your post, because at first glance, it looks like you’re giving directions on how to steal wifi in the airport. However, I’m confident that I’m misunderstanding, as I know you wouldn’t be so unethical as to promote stealing by calling it “social engineering” or “a genius hack” (from the linked article).

  2. @Gary Except for the fact that Amtrak on-time performance took a huge dive after many years of improvement once the lower circuit court found against them and allowed railroads to discriminate against Amtrak trains:

    Moreover, the regulator charged with setting the on-time standards before Amtrak lost at the circuit level was the FRA, an agency heavily captured by freight train interests (the STB only enforces the standards, it does not decide them).

    So Amtrak is in a catch-22. Washington policymakers continue to mandate Amtrak run money-losing long distance train routes yet refuse to give Amtrak the tools to run a profit on these routes. Amtrak, with a mandate to try and run a profit, must cannibalize its profitable Northeastern route revenues to subsidize these money losing lines.

    The end result is that Amtrak has no money for capital investment, which erodes the viability of the whole system.

  3. wow- Really hate to see the Chase Amtrak card go. It had fantastic rewards and was about the only no-fee card whose points transferred 1-1 to airline miles.

  4. “social engineering” wi-fi is theft. Pure and simple. For you and any other bloggers to be promoting this is reprehensible. Would it be a genius hack to tell people to grab some snacks while they are “looking around” the lounge to see if they want to pay to get in, or would you call it what it is?

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