Mistake Fare – One Way First Class Originating in Myanmar is Back!

Some months ago there was a major mistake fare where you could fly first or business class direct cheap as long as your trip started in Yangon, Myanmar.

Sounds crazy to many, but frequent flyers from all over the world have been descending upon that country to start trips.

Now – crazy thing that it is – someone has pointed out on Milepoint that the fare is back.

It appears to you fly between Yangon (RGN) and cities in Eastern Canada for under $600. Here’s business class on ANA from Yangon to Tokyo and then continuing on in Swiss first class to Zurich and then JFK, with American (economy) up to Montreal.

One could of course just get off in New York, or without checked bags in Zurich if one preferred.

Getting the Yangon – Tokyo flight on ANA, operated just 3 days a week, is key to making this work.

I’ve managed to price this in business class on Travelocity using multi-city search but I haven’t been able to price it on a live, bookable site in first class yet. (The screen shot above is from the ITA Matrix.) So this is a work in progress, I play to play with the various country Expedia websites next.

Bear in mind that a visa is required for Myanmar.

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  1. @SH_BK United one-way awards to South Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, or Laos) are 32.5/60/70 in y/j/f. I personally want NH LAX-NRT-MNL in biz. Rev Y ticket from MNL to BKK, then overland to Lao, then Myanmar. Lets hope this is honored. Me, my girlfriend, and a best friend are all on the same RGN-YUL return.

    Another AviancaTaca bonus on purchased miles could be handy too.

  2. Well got some great tickets thanks. rgn-kul-sin-lhr [A380First]yul $517. Got all my ticket # and now lets hope this one sticks. the others I routed via jfk so Dot can enforce the ticket 🙂

  3. Quote by Gleff:
    “@Frank – for what it’s worth, writing about travel that starts in Myanmar is unlikely to drive ‘clicks’.”

    LOL, as this post is at 152 replies already within the first 24 hours. Haven’t seen that many replies on a View From the Wing blogpost in quite some time…………….yeah, unlikely to drive clicks my foot. 😉

  4. @gregorygrady – and my traffic stats which i what i was writing about were pretty normal for a thursday and a friday. Comments aren’t clicks.

  5. @gregorygrady Well Im honestly glad that Gary opened up the possibility for his readers. I saw the thread on Milepoint and booked before he posted but his great explanation about how to go to work really helped many newbies and even helped when travelocity didnt issue my tickets after a few hours to try the expedia sites and keep looking for F when originally I could only find J. Thanks a mil @Gary

  6. @Gary Thank you for sharing this deal on your blog. I managed to get a RGN-KUL-SIN-LHR-YUL booking ticketed so now it’s wait and see.
    @gregorygrady this deal was already being covered off in the usual FT and MP forums which i would imagine provides most of the readership for the boarding area blogs. in the time this deal (and blog post) was live again it wouldn’t have hit the top of google pages thrown up for yangon so additional traffic would be minimal.

  7. @ClearedCustoms – Travelocity Revenue Management can be contacted at +1 (866) 488 6333. They cleared my ticket in under 2 minutes.

  8. @David Thanks, I did get in touch with them. Not sure what was going on behind the scenes as CS said RM was reviewing it, and RM told me to tell CS they were not reviewing it. Etickets (on 724) eventually came through around the 20 hour mark 🙂

  9. well i booked one of my tickets 23hours ago it just confirmed 10 minutes ago???? etickets on 724.

    WOW! shocked

  10. @ClearedCustoms – It is just strange stuff with the Gnome. Full credit though for instant ticketing once the RM guys have press OK.

  11. I managed to get two tickets with the following route: RGN-NRT-FRA-ZRH-YUL and RGN-KMG-SIN-CDG-PHL-YUL. I was wondering if I can start my first trip at NRT and the second trip at SIN then end at PHL without any problems? I don’t think that would be an issue. However, I saw some comments on flyertalk that I might be denied boarding. Any idea? Thanks for your helps in advance.

  12. Forget me for not understanding this better. I am just thinking that as long as I am here for the flights, they have to check me in, right? Do they have the right to cancel the rest of my flights?? Or they assume since you are not showing up for your previous flights, you might not make the rest of the flights so then they can cancel the rest? If this is related to the passenger load issue, could it help if I check in for the flights I want to take in advance? I will be in Taiwan during the time so I was just thinking buying a ticket to connect in NRT for trip #1 and SIN at trip #2. Will they definitely cancel your flights if you dont make the first one? Just trying to figure out if this is worth the risk. Thank you for your input.

  13. @Neil you must fly all ticketed segments in order or you lose the rest of your itinerary. If you do not show up for your first flight you lose all the rest of your flights.

  14. @Neil – you must fly all the sectors in order, which means starting in RGN otherwise your ticket will be void. Your reservations won’t be cancelled as per what others said because you hold different airlines’ flights. But your e-ticket will be null which means you cannot use it.

  15. Thanks Gary, I was able to snag 4 one way tickets RGN-KUL-SIN, SIN-LHR, LHR-YUL for next june. Works out perfectly for me as I am moving my family back to eastern U.S. next summer. I do have a question though and hoping you can help. I actually have 5 people in my family including a 10 month old (at time of travel). There wasnt availability for 5 people so I booked 4, hoping to be able to add a lap-infant. I dont mind paying about $1500-$2000 to add her, just wondering if that will create issues if i contact the airlines? thanks

  16. @Alex I think you’ll be fine contacting the airline, it’s a pretty normal request you’re going to be making. Although my guess is it’ll be complicated. First, where did you book the tickets? You may wind up needing to work through them and they may be clueless. Second, your other option is owrking through the tcketing carrier, whose ticket is it? (What are the first 3 numbers in the ticket?)

  17. Thank you, Gary and WIll! You are very helpful. I will be Asia then so I can just position myself to fly out of RGN. I have anther question. I booked two tickets and one looks like is charged by ANA and I have the e-ticket numbers and all. Does this mean that I can start making other travel arrangements? The other ticket I booked is supposed to be through Singapore Airline. I have the e-ticket number and has not heard anything from TL. However, the credit card shows pending charges from Air China? Not sure why. Does this mean that I might lose this ticket? Thanks!

  18. hello again Gary, I took your advice and called Travelocity, and was connected to a representative with a middle eastern accent. He told me that I had to call Sri Lankan Airlines, which is the issuing stock. However, i am hesitant as when I initially called travelocity, the automated system said there was a problem with my itinerary. I have heard that since I booked thru Travelocity US website, I have DOT protection on this, is it true? or does DOT protection only apply if it touches US Soil? My routing is RGN-KUL-SIN, SIN-LHR, LHR-YUL, thanks again

  19. Gary, don’t know how to contact you, but I just want to thank you as I am wrapping up an amazing month long vacation with my family partially thru the RGN mistake fare and will be going to the FCT in a couple of days. If you can spread the word, I have two rooms at the Frankfurt Sheraton for this Friday that I cannot use, and will go to any two people that you may want to choose, or first come first serve.

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