How Money Launderers Use Uber & Gov’t Orders United to Fly to North Dakota Town

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  1. Gary-

    You know of any Hyatt or SPG promos coming up? Looks like all current promotions end 30 Jun or 31 July.


  2. Apropos UA being forced to continue service to Dickinson, this is what happens if you take the Devil’s shilling.

  3. If you saw the huge lapse in security at Turkey’s main airport at the height of the coup attempt with a zillion people milling around on the tarmac and other areas they should have not had access to…I have NO problem with the FAA blocking flights until security was restored and (presumably) a sweep could take place.

  4. Gary, you need to read the articles that you post!

    – although the article calls the scam “ride-a-launder”, it’s not money laundering, which is typically turning illicit cash profits into clean money. Rather, it’s credit card fraud, or if you use your own credit car, just MS. And there’s lots of ways to do this- another way to do it would be to set up your own Amazon storefront, so nothing unique to Uber here…

    – Turkey FAA ban- the article was uninformed nonsense- even casual browsing of frequent flyer blogs reveal the total breakdown of security at IST, as your reader notes above. There was no way the FAA should have allowed flights from IST under those conditions, and they smartly banned them for two days, until the airport was swept.

  5. @Doug Swalen, except it was pretty obvious that the airport was not in operation at that point, so no flights would have gone out until they had it back under control anyway. Pretty telling that the only government to ban flights was the US. Not Europe, not Asia, not even Canada. Typical American paranoia.

  6. @farnorthtrader

    Europe and Asia are continents, not governments, so “they” really can’t do anything.

    The article notes that specific airlines elected to cease operating into IST during the unrest, so there was some precedent for not operating at the time. In reality, the affect of the ban was to limit TK operations to the US for a couple of days. You can call that typical American paranoia, but just because you’re paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get you.

  7. I don’t know whether this has changed since 2005, but at that time in Istanbul airport you could go through security, THEN leave your bags with an attendant, THEN pick them up and board with no further screening. Huge gap.

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