Multiple Fights Broke Out At Miami Airport Gate D14, While Everyone Just Stood By And Filmed

Multiple groups of American Airlines passengers brawled at the Miami airport on Sunday near gate D14, which many travelers will know as by the elevators up to the American Express Centurion lounge. The event was captured on film, with multiple passengers taking out their phones to record.

However despite one video shared to social media lasting a full minute and a half, there didn’t appear to be many people trying to break up the melee. Nor were the many law enforcement agencies resident inside the airport quick to respond, although near the end of the video an American Airlines employee does appear to try to encourage peace.

Reportedly though, after this series of incidents, arrests were made. Perhaps the most fitting thing about all of this be that it all took place right in front of the Urban Decay store.

(HT: @DoubleDutyDaddy)

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  1. Miami, enough said. This is daily life in the city. It happens all over the place for no reason – accidentally bump into someone and its a fight. WSHH!

  2. “It’s an airport. Come on guys stop it.” doesn’t really work anymore. It’s like telling people in a restaurant to stop eating.

  3. Thank god we decided to book a charter to fly directly to Ocean Reef instead of having to pass this crap. This is what happens with such cheap flights, it’s basically the Greyhound crowd.

  4. Gary,

    Seriously, you’re asking why no one is stopping this? Obviously the verbal pleas to stop by many of the people there went unheard, so the only way to interject would be to physically attempt to separate them. As a man not of the same racial demographic as the participants of this disagreement, there are virtually zero ways that would end positively for me, and many ways in which it would end very, very badly.

  5. Come on man…. you know law and order was so last decade! But seriously this is what happens when consequences are light and inconsistent and the threat of law enforcement is no longer a deterrent!

  6. Do you seriously think anyone in their right mind is going to wade in and try to break this up? Maybe Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris, but the rest of us will stay well out of it.

  7. Well of course law enforcement wasn’t around. Lest they actually break it up and prevent an innocent person getting injured or killed and then be labeled as a racist by the six o’clock news! Then again that’s assuming they hadn’t been defunded first.

  8. I agree with drrichard, One person can’t wade in successfully to break up these brawls. We’ve seen recently that those doing video (not film) are deemed to be heroes, but maybe that’s just when police are involved..

  9. along the same lines as drrichard, doing so you may cause harm to yourself or the other party. at worst you may even be called racist.

  10. Vivian is correct call the social workers that’s what the current Administration proposes ! Look at Portland instead of real trained police officer they hired Park Ranges unarmed to patrol Portland needless to say crime has risen welcome to the new world order

  11. This is what happens when liberals from NY and CA start fleeing to Florida. Used to be peaceful around here.

  12. Expect more of the same since police are leaving law enforcement in record numbers. Of course, that’s what most people want. Dumb asses.

  13. Why didn’t the camera person tilt their phone horizontally so that the wide angle could capture both brawls simultaneously???

  14. Violence is their thing! Let them work it out ! Different cultures do thing differently and I say let it go !

  15. Think we found the perfect venue for a good old fashioned fist fight. No weapons airside so it’s Mano a Mano. Looks like it’s at an American gate surprised it’s not at Sprits gate. At this point you just feel pity for these idiots.

  16. @Douglas having an indigestible random word salad!
    On the brawl, never get in the middle of a cat fight; you will get scratched.

  17. Yeh as a white guy I wouldn’t have gotten involved. One mis-edited clip might have made me look like I was beating up a black woman which in turn could have ended up getting me doxed, fired and physically threatened.

  18. Why would anyone not employed as law enforcement try to break these stupid fights up? It would require multiple strong willed people with absolutely nothing to gain. Let these idiots kill each other. Or just get tired. No thanks.

  19. “Nor were the many law enforcement agencies resident inside the airport quick to respond”….Bwah ha ha ha ha! That’s priceless. There is no freaking way law enforcement is wading into that mess. Honestly. Why?

  20. Well the big black guy did step up, and he stopped it.
    And he did so gently.
    Props to him.

  21. It’s interesting, because I read the story and immediately had a vision of the incident (and participants) before seeing the video. And the video confirmed everything I had already assumed. In all seriousness, this is a problem of a broken culture that infected a certain segment of our population and is like an elephant in the room that nobody dares to mention for fear of being cancelled. So, the elephant grows. And you can cite aircraft brawls that didn’t involve this particular demographic as “proof” that my comment is wrong – but those incidents are the exception. The vast majority of these brawls involve the same demographic of participant as we see here.

    Also, this wasn’t a “Miami” thing; these people could be from anywhere USA.

  22. Based on some of the comments above, I see Trumpers are still around and kicking.

    Stop politicizing every aspect of your lives. If a democrat recommended the use of toilet paper, all of you idiots would go in your back yards and start using leaves.

  23. Too bad it wasn’t a normal, everyday knife fight like they have in Columbus. Somebody could have gotten hurt!

  24. This is what you get in today’s cancel PC culture. One citation issued? Yet multiple people involved. A slap on the wrist. Call the social workers. And no I am not interested in breaking up a brawl while waiting to get on my plane unless there is a child or vulnerable adult involved.

  25. Jimmy are you too full of yourself to realize Trump got 70million plus votes. Trumpets are not a minority. And yes your liberal policies are what causes these type of occurrences. This is what happens Jimmy when their are no consequences.

  26. @Cmorgan You are showing your ignorance. 70M (although an impressive large number) actually is a minority in this country. Feel free to look up definition of minority if necessary. Even so, I would venture to say the majority of those are just spineless Republicans (not necessarily Trump fanboys.) The real Trumpers number is probably around 25-35M, which is scary as hell to me for the country that my kids will grow up in.

    Regarding your comment of no consequences, did you even read what was written above? Apparently arrests were made. We don’t really know what transpired after the arrests, but you are making assumptions unless you have other sources of information.

    On a separate note, how does any political party’s policies cause idiots to brawl? You are proving my point of everything being politicized in today’s world. Everyone agrees that what they did was childish and inappropriate, but people feel the need to label things so they feel better about themselves.

  27. @Jimmy implores people to stop politicizing everything yet his post is nothing but. Jimmy, Trump is gone. Let it go.

  28. Very sad commentary on our new USA and I am sure all will blame this behavior on something from the past instead of rising up and acting as loving human beings.
    True that not a police person nor white person could stand in and try to stop that behavior.
    The new normal is just to walk away quickly.

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