My Favorite Award Booking Request Yet!

I’m fortunate to work with some really neat people at Book Your Award. We do our best for clients and never charge unless we’re able to secure an award that meets agreed-upon parameters.

Still, there are some things we can’t do. My two favorite examples I’ve shared before:

  • I was once approached for six first class award seats to Australia over Christmas and New Years (no they didn’t have enough points to pay the extra miles price from United). I couldn’t do that, but I offered to split the party onto two flights and get them all to their destination in business class the same day. The response? “See? I knew these miles were worthless!”

  • Another time a New York family asked for an Israel trip. To maximize their vacation time they wanted to leave after work on Friday. And since they wanted ‘Israel’ to start right away, they would only fly El Al. There are many things I can do, but causing El Al to fly New York – Tel Aviv on the Sabbath is not one of those things.

This is a new favorite, a request received yesterday that Becky worked on.

At Book Your Award we’ll get you there. The rest is up to you.

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  1. Need to team up with a brothel in Eastern Europe and Thailand for these sorts of clients.

  2. Gary, in all honesty I had been meaning to ask this question – will your service take “send me anywhere” requests? With the difficulty of finding SAAver awards with AA and partners these days, I would strongly consider it…

  3. Well, Amsterdam has plenty of women interested in American men…..’s wallets. And it’s all legal, so I think that’s the winner.

  4. Nice post. These are funny.

    How about I request that you book me two first class tickets to Europe on Delta for under 800k points 🙂
    Seriously. I’m sure you get some good requests.

  5. @CW interesting idea, if you really want to go anywhere, I just hate to be on the hook for a bad trip or one that doesn’t match your preferences

  6. Client must be a contributor to the External Miles and Points Resources forum over at Flyertalk. There’s no other way those guys could attract a woman.

  7. @Jason –

    Actually NYC, LA, or DC would be more convenient, except those women that you guys are looking for probably have STDs and charge by the hour

  8. @DaninMCI Per Delta they have availability to LHR via Virgin at 125K (see gateway cities) in First with no fuel surcharges like American. Its easy and fun to bash Delta and I do not defend any program but after a while you wonder. I got LAX to SYD (next year at 160K per for the new 777 business class Delta, last year ATL-JNB NON-STOP Business at 160K per. See how stingy American is to fly to Europe these days.

  9. funny, when I tried to use your service for first class emirates flights, you would not even attempt it for me unless I agreed to business class. Did your policy change?

  10. Any award booking service is a joke. They commonly decline anything remotely hard to do. AKA they only want newbie business for stuff that can be done within 30 minutes

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