My Progress on the Amazing US Airways Holiday Shopping Promo

As a followup to my last post on the shopping promo where you can buy miles for $0.007 apiece, I thought I’d update my miles posting progress.

Gaiam, a Dividend Miles Mall member not separately listed on the promo page, posted for me this morning and was listed as “SHOPPING MALL, GAIAM”

My Bose purchase posted as “SHOPPING MALL, BOSE” — although I’m a little bit concerned that this won’t count towards the promo (95% that it will, but I’m paranoid) because the promo page highlights only “1,500 bonus miles when you buy the new QC15 headphones” rather than all miles counting towards the promo. Still, since all shopping partners count, this should as well. Later in the promo I may make some extra purchases just in case.

My Sears $5 gift card (free shipping) posted as well, simply as “DIVIDEND MILES SHOPPING MALL” rather than as Sears. Again, I’m going to be watching how other partners post — if another merchant posts as Dividend Miles Mall rather than by name, my fear is that the US Airways computers don’t treat them as unique merchants. Sure, I can fight for it and presumably win, but I’d rather make sure everything works smoothly on their own. So long after Track-It-Back miles have posted, but before the end of the promo period, I’ll make some extra purchases from other merchants just in case.

These three partners posted overnight last night with the dates I made the original purchases.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting on the points for my gift certificate purchased via ThanksAgain and the points for my Omaha Steaks $5 gift certificate as well.

Promo code SHARE currently takes 80% off gift certificates, making the $25 dining certificates that ‘normally’ (well, full price, but there’s always a discount code) cost $10 only $2. You can purchase gift certificates via ThanksAgain (which you’ll click on via the holiday shopping promo page, of course) to chalk up a merchant towards the 250% bonus level. So another cheap merchant.

One idea being discused in the Flyertalk thread on the bonus is donating your TrackItBack purchases to a non-profit in order to take a tax deduction. As long as you’re itemizing your deductions, and depending on your marginal tax rate, if you can make it work that should reduce your cost basis to about half a penny a mile.

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  1. I’m still waiting on my Sears gift card and my B&N gift card to post. Pulled the trigger on TIB yesterday. Thanks for posting about this promotion!

  2. I’m just a bit confused – sorry, guys. By doing these 5 small purchases to reach the 140 miles per dollar threshold, what amount of miles are you obtaining? Negligible, yes?

    Then, once you reach the 140 miles per dollar, you will be doing “real shopping”? Too bad I did all of my Christmas shopping already….

    Any opportunities to buy stuff and return in-store without the miles being withdrawn?

  3. I opened and funded two new individual sharebuuilder accounts and an IRA.

    All three generated emails saying the promotion code was accepted.

    Doesn’t mean the points will post, but…

  4. I’m wondering about posting times, too. I bought from Gaiam, B&N and Sears on 12/2 and none have posted yet.

  5. Hi,

    I am new to this but this blog is very very helpful. I am planning to take advantage of this promotion as well. I looked up the reward chart for US Airways and as you mentioned, it requires 80,000 miles for a Business class Round Trip airfare. BUT, isn’t that only valid during the off-peak season? HOW do I guarantee that I can use these 80000 miles and no more to obtain this reward trip.

    I am asking this question as I faced a similar dilemma when booking an award trip to the Middle East through Delta. The total miles required jumped from 80000 to 150000. WHY? How do I avoid this?

    Any suggestions will be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

  6. @Sam

    (1) the award will be 100k beginning 1/6/10. the miles post 3/1/10. So assume 100k.

    (2) US Airways isn’t Delta. They’re a member of the Star Alliance. Star actually offers award availability, though you may need to know how to look for it on your own…

  7. Are we sure that gift cards and coupons won’t nullify a purchase’s eligibility to earn miles in this promo? I ask bc that’s often the case. Many FF programs won’t let you earn miles if you use a coupon or buy a gc.

    BTW, LOVE your blog, Gary. It’s the best blog of its kind, IMO.

  8. @Gary – how long did it take Gaiam and Sears to post for you? I bought those items on 12/2 (a Wednesday) and they haven’t posted yet.

  9. Hi everyone,

    As this blog has helped me out quite a bit, I thought I would share some goodwill back. Use promo code RETURNTAG or PCADVISOR to obtain 25% off already reduced prices from Trackitback. We will end up spending money on this anyways, why not get a better value for it!

  10. Thanks for the information Gary! Sears, B&N and Gaiam all posted this morning, 12 days after purchase.

    Now time to spend some $ on TrackItBack :^D

  11. @Sam
    Isn’t the point to spend as much dollars as possible, with the actual product being worthless to many? Taking dollars off the purchase price does not seem to help anyone!

  12. Had a bunch of miles post today, Gary. Thanks again. I took 50,000 and shared them and turned them into 100,000 while I was at it.

  13. Am below 1/2 cent a mile:

    Office Max: bought $51 in products with free shipping–will expense so $0
    153 miles + bonus: 535 miles

    B & N: bought 2 books that I was planning to get anyway with free shipping: $0
    102 miles + bonus: 306 miles

    thank you: $10 coupon : 80 cents
    May have outsmarted myself with the coupon; am worried this will net 0 but maybe 3 miles after bonus

    AGAIAN: bought dvd with free ship: $7.19
    28 miles + bonus: 98 miles

    Sharebuilder: funded with $10
    3000 miles + bonus: 10,500 miles

    FTD: will expense biz gift, so $0
    1450 miles + bonus: 5075 miles

    TIB: 10 business packs–will deduct as bus expense on Schedule C: net cost $2952.92
    700,000 miles

    plus AA miles of 5201 for purchases

    Net cost: $2970.91
    miles: US 716,514 (maybe 716,517); AA 5201

    .00411 per mile

    Wrestling with whether to buy more from TIB

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