Mystery Remains Unsolved as FAA Concludes Investigation of Toilet Paper Falling From the Sky

The FAA sampled toilet paper that fell from the sky onto a Pennsylvania town.

It rained used toilet paper Monday morning in West Pittston, Pa., prompting many residents to point to the sky and blame a plane passing overhead as the dirty dumper. But the Federal Aviation Administration is still trying to get to the bottom of this crappy case.

The investigation sought to determine if a toilet’s lavatories had malfunctioned.

Ultimately, though — in what may have been the fastest FAA investigation in history — they concluded that it was unlikely that a plane was the source of the TP’ing caper — because if it had been the toilet paper would be blue.

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  1. Except for the fact that many aircraft have toilet systems that don’t use blue juice.

    You can tell the difference between the types — blue juice toilets sound more like a flush, you can hear the pump, and you can see the juice swish around the toilet.

    Non-blue juice systems have more of a vacuum sound and have no visible juice.

  2. Can’t say if Germany still has passenger cars where one can see the railroad tracks while in the restroom. One is suppose to stop while the train is going over a crossing. Of course, folks in that country will pull over on the autobahn and do their business out in the open.

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