NBA Gives The Good Disney Hotels To The Top-Seeded Teams

There are a lot of talk about ‘bubbles’ whether it’s travel bubbles – countries opening up only to each other – and even basketball bubbles with the NBA planning to play in the protected space of Disney World. That’s great publicity for Disney, at least if this all goes well.

The precautions they’re taking are significant. They’re limiting the number of people each team can bring into the ‘bubble’ although reportedly in addition to an athletic trainer, equipment manager, and security officer each player can bring their private masseuse or security.

Everyone is going to have to wear Disney Magic Bans that’ll be used to check in for coronavirus testing.

Anyone who tests positive will go into isolation housing, before being re-tested (given the risk of a false positive), and not be able to leave until consecutive negative tests. Players will also be able to track proximity and duration of time spent near others, as well as their temperature and heart rate.

We’ll know how this is all working in practice come pre-season games at the end of July when each team plays against other teams that are housed in their same hotel complex.

Which raises the question of who stays where? Or put another way, who has to stay at the All Star Movies Resort or Fort Wilderness Campsites?

Well it turns out who stays where is based on seeding:

Grand Destino Tower is basically a hotel-within-a-hotel at Coronado Springs Resort. With club amenities it goes to the top seeds. Then one step down is Grand Floridian. And no one stays at accommodations less-enticing than Disney’s Yacht Club.

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  1. Clearly you have zero clue what you are talking about – those hotels where selected because they have security features that the other hotels to not have – and the quality of those 3 hotels are all themed differently but none the less top notch

  2. @Sean Elliot – references to the other properties were JOKES. But the top seeded teams get the better experiences among these properties.

  3. We’re Disney nerds and have stayed at all the hotels on property. We own the time timeshare and drink the coolaid. As far as hotels go it’s Grand Floridian then Yacht Club then Grand Destino. Anyone that disagrees probably doesn’t know Disney.

    Full disclosure I 100% acknowledge Disney’s definition of “deluxe” is in its own bubble and not what any point/miles people would call deluxe

  4. @Shaun,

    Plus one. I too have stayed at all these properties. Gran Destino was built for the business market. It is nice, but….and you are totally corect in your opinions. I always state if Disney resorts were so superb then why is Four Seasons and Waldorf Astoria needed?

  5. Gran Destino is very nice, but Coronado (and Gran Destino) ironically are categorized as moderate hotels and are priced as such by Disney. The market rate for a night at Gran Destino is usually half of that of Grand Floridian and Yacht Club. They’re all among Disney’s best hotels, but I think realistically all three were picked because they all have ample convention space.

    Coronado Springs itself is a convention hotel, and Yacht/Grand Floridian have convention wings which make them suitable for team meetings/practices etc., surprised Contemporary wasn’t picked because of this.

  6. @shaun,

    Agreed. I’d list Yacht Club above Grand Floridian only because of location (which will not be relevant to the NBA players). For us, nothing beats the Boardwalk location (then again, we own at Beach Club and Boardwalk :))


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