Nevada Wants Higher Uber Prices, Because It’s Good For Customers

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  1. Gary – I don’t want to pay more than I have to for services, like practically everyone else. However, relaxing the restriction against surge pricing in Nevada is good for both drivers and customers. Let me ask – would you rather wait an hour at the airport for your $12 Uber to a strip hotel or pay $20 and have someone pick you up in 10 minutes. I’d gladly pay a reasonable amount more (as would most people) to not wait. BTW, I was in Las Vegas in April and rented a car, which I rarely do, due to the long waits for ride shares.

    There is a shortage of drivers due to a number of factors including some fear of COVID, higher gas prices that cut into profits, lack of surge pricing and enhanced unemployment. Allowing surge pricing (like was done with no sarcasm from you before COVID) will help. So will the end of the enhanced unemployment benefits in September.

    Finally I always compare the Uber and Lyft apps for driver availability and prices. Recently Lyft has been cheaper and had more drivers most places compared to Uber.

  2. And suddenly….there are still no cars to take me to the airport from my house. In the Before Times
    I could get a car in 5 minutes., even with surge

  3. The more accurate headline is Nevada wants higher prices during peak times to ensure those who need rides to get safely to their destination get them and wants to increase freedom of choice (which is always good). The headline is confusing as the article gives a positive connotation and the headline is worded negatively (out of context). Context is king,

    There are times when I take an $8 Uber ride instead of walking 15 minutes to the supermarket. I walk everyday but if it is late I take an Uber once or twice a month to get to the store before it closes. If surge pricing makes it a $14 trip, I rather let those who need it for something important (getting to the airport/hospital/a show/etc. take advantage. Without surge pricing, general fares might be higher and those who really need it may not get availability and those who don’t (for a supermarket trip I can make the next day) take spots.

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