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  1. I read somewhere concorde cabin was a basic economy type cabin with perhaps more leg room.

    No over the top luxury like in today’s first class. I can’t see any of you bloggers enjoying concorde.

  2. @Credit I’d argue it was more like domestic first class, not basic economy. The point of Concorde was speed, and on a 3+ hour flight you don’t need a flat bed.

  3. Back in the day (when I had an allowance to travel First Class, I occasionally paid out of pocket to fly both BA and AF Concorde Atlantic crossings. Yes, the cabins were tight, both of the side by side seats were less than comfortable and of course, the porthole were tiny.

    On the other hand crossing the Atlantic in about 3.5 hours was nice. I do recall sipping my first Pol Roger at 60,000+

  4. Wrong. Concorde was sublime. The seats weren’t big, roomy ones, but the pitch on BA was perhaps 52″, they reclined appropriately, you were only on it 3:15, and the service was impeccable. It was like a fine dinner service all the way across, performed by gracious flight staff who were proud of their assignment. What a concept! I miss it. Got to do it twice.

  5. Took BA Concorde a dozen or so times starting in 1976. I refer to to as the non-movie flight since the weight issue was so severe they could not put movie equipment in the plane. Seats were about the same as 1990’s domestic first class – 25 rows of 4 (2 x2). Loved the open cockpit door and welcoming of any passengers.

  6. Thank you for the “Back to the Future” moment. I was fortunate to fly Concorde several times and each time was a delight thanks to the impeccable service, the incomparable wine cellar, and the joy of leaving LHR at 10 AM and arriving into JFK on the same day at 9 AM. There were no bloggers in those days yet It was quite common to meet celebrities on board. All that remains is to walk into the Concorde Lounge at JFK to remember how much better flying used to be.

  7. Flew AF Concorde from JFK in 1998. Sheer delight. Fine service from special people . Great food and fine champagne even though only breakfast flight and small personal tin of caviar before landing at CDG. Plane narrow body in 2×2 but comfortable seats yes very much like present day domestic first class and very quick 3 hour +flight. I recall the thrill when needle hit Mach 2 somewhere over the Atlantic. Plane had no feel of flight and almost motionless First time in aviation history and technology generally when Concorde flights went out of business that any industry took step backward we still have not recovered from yet with no supersonic flights.

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