New AAdvantage Shopping Promotion 3000 Bonus Miles

Between December 8 and December 22, the amount you spend with merchants through the AAdvantage shopping portal will earn tiered bonuses.

One AAdvantage holiday shopping promotion ends, another one opens up and this time with up to 3000 bonus miles instead of 2500.

Registration isn’t required. Making exactly $250 in purchases earns the full bonus and amounts to an extra 12 miles per dollar on top of usual earnings. Though fewer total miles, the lower spend thresholds amount to 13.33 miles per dollar.

Terms: From 12/08/13 through 12/22/13 11:59 PM EST receive a one-time additional bonus of up to 3,000 miles when you spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more with the AAdvantage eShoppingsm mall. Spend a cumulative amount of $75-149.99 to earn 1,000 miles; spend a cumulative amount of $150 – $249.99 to earn 2,000 bonus miles; or spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more to earn 3,000 bonus miles. Purchases made at through the AAdvantage eShopping mall, returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus; please see site for coupon code or usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Aadvantage e shopping is a scam folks. I still haven’t received the 2k miles offer for purchasing thru AE. There are many reports on flyertalk also. I sent Aadvantage facebook some old about this and they never responded back. I complained about this on their fb page and they askedme to pm th detail which I did and now 5days have gone and no reply.

  2. @Jim did you at lease get the portal point from the purchase or did they scam that too ? I just did my $250 purchase, guess I wont see my points then

  3. They have been like that for years. I was supposed to get 3K miles from a purchase in 2011. When it didn’t post, I started emailing them about it. {there is no way to call anyone} I would get a response about one time out of five, but eventually got a half dozen promises that the miles would “soon” be posted. They never were, and eventually they solved the problem by simply not responding to my emails at all. It wouldn’t matter if the AA portal promised you 1,000 miles per $, since you are very unlikely to ever get them.

    Be aware that AA has nothing at all to do with the AA portal, they just contract it out. If you don’t get your miles, AA will refuse to help in any way.

    The US Air portal does a great job, even sending you an email after each purchase telling you have many miles you earned.

  4. Gary, please put your weight on this, as many people are not getting their points. with some publicity the website will react more quickly. Thanks

  5. Agree with Jim, RH, and all the others that I am a schmuck for falling for the last 2k bonus offer and won’t get tricked again!! 😀

  6. Never got my points from the fall. I’m done with them. I don’t have time to chase this stuff.

  7. I didn’t get my bonus points either, so I emailed them last week and this week I got a “courtesty” 2000 miles posted to my aa shopping account. I am waiting to see when it posts to my aa miles. Maybe I am just lucky that it only took one email

  8. Couldn’t agree more with the comments here — cartera is either intentionally scamming people or utterly incompetent. Either way, I second choi’s plea for Gary to shine some light on this problem.

  9. DITTO with everything said here. I’m still waiting for my 2K AA miles for the last “promo.” They make you wait so long, that you become TOTALLY disgusted with the company, and no longer want to take part in this type activity.


    That is also what happened to me with WN – will never use Southwest portal ever again.

  10. Same thing happened to me. eBags promotions miles never posted. After few reminder emails they posted just 2k as courtesy instead of 20k I should have got. I’ll never do a purchase through them again.

  11. My wife also never received the bonus miles thru AE. She emailed and sent pm on fb in vain. There is no number to call. I had this happened Once before last year. Even cash back sites like fatwallet would have been better. Will file ftc complain and Bbb too I think. I will at least wake them up and make them realize thier scam. I hope you guys do the same.

  12. Add me to the list of people who’ve been scammed via the American Airlines eShopping portal and Cartera, the company that runs it.

  13. Just a tip but are you guys clicking on “REFRESH” when you check your miles? Sort of stupid but I had same issues and thought it wasn’t posting but I recently got my 2000 bonus miles from the summer promotion a week ago.

    Hope it helps a little.

  14. Still waiting for my 2000 miles bonus from the last promo (sept. 9 purchase). Just not worth the chasing for me anymore. These people are crooks.

  15. For me, the cartera portals always post miles correctly, so I keep using them as most of my spend that gets miles/$ at all is at 1 mi or .01/$ sites. They haven’t posted a united promo I should have gotten or the latest AA promo though. Although neither have been 8 weeks since the end of the promo period. For cartera and all other portals, it works most reliably if you close all browser windows and then open a fresh browser, and start at the portal before you ever visit the site you plan on shopping at.

  16. I just tried hitting the “REFRESH” button on my AA shopping account and low and behold a transaction from 11/30/13 shows up with a post date of 12/1/13. Before I hit the “REFRESH” there was nothing.

  17. @ Julian

    Most people who take part in this sort of activity are familiar with how to use a computer. But for the sake of a reply – I hit “REFRESH” and I still don’t have my 2K miles that I have waited what seems to be a lifetime for. Never again, NEVER AGAIN I say! To he## with the new promo! They can keep their stinkin’ miles.

  18. @ Nick

    I guess you are not one of those computer geniuses yourself if you did not press the “REFRESH” button before and just assumed the computer programmer who designed the site would automatically refresh the posted miles upon signing on. Otherwise you would have already done so without my post.

    Leave your backhanded slights to yourself please.

  19. @ Julian

    You are again mistaken. My cookies get cleaned out every time I close my browser, therefore I never needed to “refresh” but did so just to satisfy you (you should feel honored).

    Tough day at the office?

  20. Never an issue. EBags and Fall promo posted. Waiting for 2500 bonus.
    Always take screenshots and make sure old cookies are removed from targeted shopping website before I start.

  21. The Fall (Sept) promo never posted for me either – have called and emailed with exact date of purchase, purchase record number, etc for them.
    Don’t do it folks – pretty unlikely you’ll see the miles.

  22. I am still waiting as well for the 2500 points/miles to post from a magazine order. Plus, my Pointshound points still have not cleared. I will write. I will write and get my points.

  23. @MaryE yes, you will write, and write, and write. And they will at first say you will have your points posted “soon”. But they will never post, and eventually, Cartera will stop answering your emails, and you will NEVER get your point posted. 🙂

  24. Not an issue for me as well. As many of you I don’t have time to hunt down bonus points after each promotion. But I noticed last promo 2K bonus was posted to my AA account last week. I just checked AAdvantage eShopping account… it was posted there 2 weeks ago (11/24/13). I guess I will go for this promo too.

  25. Perhaps I was wrong about the Dividend Miles portal. I tried to check both of our miles accounts, and maybe the website is down for maintenance, but I could not get the site to document any miles activity, only the total mileage balance. I then tried to call DM CS for help with the website, and was on hold so long I gave up. Very frustrating….

    While we haven’t used it recently, my Hawaiian account does show lots of portal purchase miles deposited last summer. Perhaps it was Hawaiian I was thinking about.

    I asked my wife, who does most of the portal shopping, and she said she mainly uses the Chase UR portal now.
    And the Chase site doesn’t seem to document how her points were awarded either.

    Ironically, when I checked her AA account, there are thousands of miles posted from purchases on the AA portal this fall. And AA was the only one of the 4 websites that documented how the points were accrued. My bad experience with Cartera AA was a couple of years ago, so maybe they have cleaned up their act.

    So far no sign of any large bonuses posted though. Just one point per dollar spent, but then I don’t know when the bonus is supposed to post, so maybe that will come thru too.

  26. It’s probably too late for many people to read this, but I just filed a complaint with the BBB on Saturday — after months of cartera ignorning my emails — and just received an email today, two days later, apologizing for the inconvenience and crediting me with the 2,000-mile bonus I was entitled to. It seems that the only way to get their attention is to file a complaint with the BBB… it’s a fairly painless process, and seems to generate a very fast response.

  27. Yes. Should have learned my lesson from the past about responding to the fradulent AAdvantage Shopping Promos we get. My Advantage miles were expiring so I figured I’d buy something online using their AAdvantage shopping store, especially when they were offering another 2500 Bonus miles. Made my purchase on September 30, 2013, and 2 weeks later the regular miles (75) from the purchase were posted, but No Bonus miles. No big deal I thought as they do state to wait 6-8 weeks for miles to appear in your account.(so why post the regular ones earlier ?) Thanksgiving came and still no Bonus Miles. We all know how CS is these days so I sent them an e-mail on status. They replied (2) days later stating it may take up to (8) weeks. It was already (7) so why not post. Ten (10) weeks went by and they still were not posted. Sent them another e-mail December 20, 2013, stating I took them on their word and reminded them of the offer. Here it is January 9, 2014, got my current AA statement showing NO POSTS. Besides, does anyone have any suggestions where I can file a complaint as well as online sites to post their actions.

  28. Oh my goodness! I participated in two promos back to back with TWO accounts; mine and my husbands. So technically we should be getting 3,000 miles and 2,500 miles each. I have had to send Caratera a copy of each and every transaction. 750 miles posted for the 2nd promotion NOT 2,500 miles. And there is no bonus mileage posted for the 1st promotion!! I have gotten “courtesy credit” here and there, so there is no way to put in a spreadsheet what each credit is supposed to be for. I DID have a spreadsheet for every transaction because I was shopping with my friend’s dollars. So I can track down every transaction. But this is ridiculous!!! The first promo was for 11/20/13 to 12/04/13 and the 2nd was from 12/08/13 to 12/22/13.

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