New Airline Video Promotes (Lack Of) Social Distancing On Planes

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is against social distancing on planes and won’t block middle seats. The airline offers hand sanitizer and masks, but doesn’t want to make passengers wear them.

I wish I knew who created this video, but it’s a brilliant send up of the Qantas approach – which in many ways is the world airline approach – though the absolute best part is the closing “It’s not like you can fly Virgin [Australia] anymore, so what do we care?”

Airlines simply haven’t been vectors of significant virus spread. They’ve brought people with the virus from one place to another, but we haven’t seen case clusters originating on planes. Aircraft larger than small regional jets have hospital-grade air filtration, so it seems that in most cases you’d need to be right beside someone with the virus in order to become infected.

Still, being squeezed on a plane next to someone is more uncomfortable than ever before.which is why Delta’s decision to continue blocking middle seats through September 30 is most welcome as passengers regain confidence in travel.

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  1. Lol I flied first time Since January last weekend. Outgoing with Frontier and they took temperatures before boarding while returning on AA, no measurements. Both airlines do not appear to block middle seats and in both cases the plane are almost at full capacity. Moreover CLT airport is extremely crowded Inside as before. While SLC DEN RDU has no lines for non-TSA security lines…

  2. “Social Distancing” is the most idiotic pop-culture marketing phrase since ‘Just Say No To Drugs’

    It’s about as effective, too.

    But, I guess if it helps people online feel even more self righteous, then it’s totally worth it.
    As long as people on facebook and twitter have something to be outraged about.

    I thought it was peak oil
    Or Me-Too
    Or plastic straws

    I guess those were so 2019.
    I wish I could guess what the next fad will be in 2021. Easy money to be made if I knew where the herd would go next….

  3. Hi, I’m Howard. I live my life looking at the “herd”, thinking they are all self righteous and believing they are wrong. I argue against everything they believe in, but I never bring facts into it. I get concerned about their behaviour on social media, so I rant about it on a website. I argue against this “herd”, this laughable group that can’t think for themselves, that is trying to change the behaviour of the bigger pack of animals that I belong too. I am Howard. I am just better.

  4. @Hutchy +1

    New York is proof-positive that social distancing and masks work. Howard would rather get his “science” from the Rush-mob than from people actually educated in how to stop or slow the spread of viral infections. Famed psychiatrist Lawrence Kubie once said something to the effect that it is a sign of mental health to be able to accept facts and change ones mind. Howard needs to rethink where s(h)e gets his/her information.

  5. Who came up with the term “social distancing”? .Quite the misnomer! Social distancing implies you’re close to the other person. It’s hardly social if you’re a MINIMUM of 6 feet or 2 meters away. I suggest the term be replaced with “physical distancing.” Measuring a distance in terms of feet or meters isn’t the least bit social! But it is a physical measurement.

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