New Chase-Marriott Elite Status Offer [Roundup]

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  1. Regarding the Marriott Gold Elite status, while your dad is right, it really is “What’s the point?”

  2. Your Tiktok showerhead story read with as much credibility as the stories my preteens tell us at the dinner table. “There was this guy somewhere out there, and this incredible thing happened to him.” Has to be true, because they read it online.

    The OP doesn’t even know what it is he saw, if anything. Initially struck me as one of those cheap mood lighting things. I stayed at an AirBnB recently that had colored accent lights in the bedroom that changed infinitely and had a remote control that was impossible to figure out and useless.

    Anyway I am thinking a “hidden” camera probably wouldn’t have glowing lights.

  3. I cannot stop re-viewing the line at AMS. I thought MUC/YYZ/LGA was BAD. AMS is beyond HELL. How many hours must one get to the airport prior to the airport to clear security? 5 hours?

  4. The meltdown is international…and in many countries in Europe when employees get tired, they walk off the job. Stop thinking that it is only America that is dysfunctional as we exit the pandemic shutdown. Older and experienced workers left, the few replacing them have to learn anew what the others knew without the benefit of journeymen.

    Governments and corporations were short sighted in not believing that demand would rise for services as soon as people could travel again and we are seeing the results.

  5. In regards to the Disney story, as my little brother once told my mom: “I wasn’t lying, I was just kidding!”

  6. Methinks the TikToker needed more views & followers and a story such as this (and I do mean “story”) seems to have gotten it for him.

  7. I have earned Ambassador status but no longer stay at Marriott hotels. Marriot status means nothing now because you have to fight for the upgrades and other benefits to which your status purportedly entitles you. It’s not worth the headaches. I stay at other hotels that appreciate my business and treat me well.

    I hope Marriott executives are listening.

  8. You’re in the line at Schipol for 2 hours and got half-way through and then….. that Taco Bell burrito starts working its magic…

    Time to start thinking about pre-medicating with Immodium before heading to the airport, just in case.

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