New Chinese Covid Anal Probes May Be The Most Accurate Way To Test For Travel

With the Biden administration considering a Covid-19 testing requirement not just for international arrivals but now even for domestic flights, new types of tests with the greatest accuracy take on a new urgency. In China scientists believe their new anal swab test may be most accurate.

[In China] they face a new indignity: the addition of anal swabs — yes, you read that right — to the testing regimen for those in quarantine.

Chinese state media outlets introduced the new protocol in recent days, prompting widespread discussion and some outrage. Some Chinese doctors say the science is there. Recovering patients, they say, have continued to test positive through samples from the lower digestive tract days after nasal and throat swabs came back negative.

If stool samples are unavailable they “do an anal swab by inserting a cotton-tipped stick three to five centimeters (one to two inches) into the rectum.”

Live porn site, StripChat, is offering to have its models demonstrate the probe to get viewers comfortable with this – all in the name of public health, of course. They’ve been sending out PR pitches broadly. Of course you’d have to subscribe to their channel to see it.

Stripchat, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform has issued a statement offering to have its roster of webcam models test out the new anal swab method and help educate/lessen people’s concerns. The models can help normalize this new method and encourage people to get tested.

…It’s essential to inform as many people as possible about this alternative swab method. We want to ensure people are getting tested for coronavirus and receive their results ASAP, by any means necessary.”

I suspect that Cardi B would no longer spend $1000 a week on Covid-19 tests if the dominant form became anal swabs.

Cheap widespread testing that’s easy to administer and delivers fast results is key to catching the most Covid-19 cases. It’s more effective than testing that’s the most accurate. If 10 million people take tests that are 80% accurate you’ll find far more cases than 2 million people taking 99% accurate tests.

China is trying to find every single case and can force citizens to submit to challenging test methods. They’re in a position to stamp out the virus, and liberties aren’t an issue. In Wuhan they sealed people into their homes, in some cases those people died, their homes became tombs. Whether anal swabs are more accurate than other testing methods available, I don’t see them as a solution for travel in the United States.

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  1. In the interest of safety, I would recommend this method, daily, for all government officials, but they would like it too much.

  2. Oh boy, this sounds like just the type of thing the TSA was meant to do. Prophetically, they even named the agency appropriately:

    TSA – Take Swab (from) Ass

  3. Just waiting for Lord Fauci to endorse this. He could literally tell people to eat dog sh*t and people will do it…..all while wearing 4 masks of course.

  4. How far are you all going to let these fools take this nonsense before you start pushing back? It’s time to end this madness and let things play out naturally. The genie’s outta the bottle and it’s NOT GOING BACK IN no matter how many tests, how many lockdowns or how many masks you wear.

  5. It would be too funny to do this test in a drive thru, too bad can’t do this drive thru so another squeeze for ppl to congregate in a place to get tested. Not a viable solution when there is a pandemic.

  6. Something out of a Joe China Biden fantasy dream come true: Joe and his Chinese sponsors are going to shove it up your ass, because it is for safety and we all have to “follow the science.”

  7. ! A quick poke before boarding a flight? lol Air travel will rebound quickly! Hope its well lubed 1st before insertion

  8. @Parker
    Lubed swabs will be available only in TSA Pre line, as “pre” is for pre-lubricated. But now I’m curious what Global Entry would mean in this new normal?

  9. @chris
    More likely Lord Chump would recommend this along with drinking Mr. Clean and shoving a light bulb up your a$$.

  10. Michael Feldman,

    The Trump-Kushner crime family were all in on getting and giving waivers and favors from China until they were sold on trying to play up anti-Chinese sentiment and racism as a vehicle to make a twin appeal to the loser “white supremacist” crowd and to the anti-free trade types at the same type.

    Your Lord Trump even was fine with the Chinese government’s genocidal policies aimed at the Uighur when he met with the Chinese President and the topic of internment camps came up.

  11. Remember last February when we all said that people in the West would never accept/tolerate draconian Chinese-style lockdowns? Don’t drop the soap. Getting harder and harder to believe that this isn’t all some grand exercise in creating subservience.

  12. Hector: I’ve thought for awhile now, Covid is a measure to control populations and that there is more going on that we are not seeing 100% clearly. I hope I’m wrong.

  13. While this sounds comical and many people are treating it as such, I can say it is an experience no one wants to go through. My brother lives in China and contacted me two days ago to tell me that he was forced to submit to an anal swab. He was traveling between two provinces and it is requisite that you are tested for COVID-19 when traveling between provinces, not just when coming and going out of the country. Anyway, he tried to refuse but he was told he would have to leave the country if he refused and not let back in – hence the term “forced”. He has a work contract so of course he could not just leave spur of the moment from the train terminal so he submitted to the exam. This is a very humiliating and demeaning experience and I believe made even more so by Chinese officials when the subject is an American considering the current state of affairs between the two countries. Then again, this is China we are talking about and basic civil rights mean nothing.

  14. The world become crazy:
    1st, you strain your buttocks for a possibility to travel
    2nd, you literally push them apart to start your trip
    Thanks to Stripchat, these news made me smile a bit.

  15. I will make it short: not a chance. China is a nation with a great culture and many wonderful things. But if this is the world we are going to have I prefer the New Hampshire motto: Live free or die. Not gonna bend over backwards to put up with this bs. People are so afraid it is depressing. Just the stress is bad enough.

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