New Christian Airline Launching Next Year

The first-ever Christian airline expects to have FAA certification as a part 121 air carrier and launch commercial service in 2021. Judah 1 had promise a 2019 launch, but the project took longer than expected, and they find themselves planning to start sales of tickets in the middle of a global pandemic.

When we last checked in with Judah 1 they owned a McDonnell Douglas MD83 aircraft and planned to operate from North Texas Regional Airport, 60 miles Northeast of DFW airport. They’re now based out of Shreveport Regional Airport in Louisiana.

Credit: Judah 1

Judah 1 has added a Boeing 767-200ER to their fleet. The first of 121 total 767-200ERs went into service 36 years ago. The planes typically seat about 180 passengers. The Judah 1 aircraft will seat a very egalitarian 238. They have big expansion plans as well. President and CEO Everett Aaron expects to add 2 or 3 large aircraft before the end of 2021.

The airline sees its mission as spreading “the message of the Lord to billions of people, via flight.” It’s certainly understandable for an airline to cater to the significant Christian missionary market but I’m not sure it makes sense for an airline to limit itself to serving only this market – especially because mission trips tend to be seasonal (such as when students are out of school) and most mission groups are smaller than what a Boeing 767 carries, even factoring cargo.

On the other hand,

  • As anyone who tried to get a refund from United Airlines or JetBlue this year knows, we’re all already praying every time we have to deal with one of the major US airlines – so an airline whose motto is “Your Hands, God’s LOVE, Our Wings” serves an unmet need.

  • The first major Southwest Airlines investor wanted the new carrier to install skylights in its aircraft so that passengers could look up at heaven. It’s probably possible to find investors to subsidize the idea.

CEO Aaron says his plan was divinely inspired in 1994:

The Lord spoke to me about using my passion for aviation – specifically large aircraft, I saw rows and rows of aircraft, full of food and supplies, lines of them.

Here’s their promotional video from 2015:

With “regular prices similar to its secular competitors” but lower fees and a willingness to “only accept members of mission teams” they’re limiting both revenue and customer base. They do say hope springs eternal, after all.

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  1. It might be a “can’t lose” situation. If they don’t sell enough tickets they go to the faithful to donate.

    They likely don’t have to sell a single ticket to make a profit if the CEO is a prophet. And if they hurry might even get some taxpayer bailout cash.

    Selling to the devout has rarely been a losing strategy. Just have to say the Lord came to you in a vision then wait for the wheelbarrow to fill up with $$$.

  2. I think I need to add 767-200ER to “things my 401k could purchase but I could never afford to operate”…

  3. @ED
    Best comment of the year
    I think they should add that air crew will be vetted to ensure no pedophiles are working…
    I will approach gary to launch Moses 1 to carry orthodox jews
    Matzo balls and bagels in coach….pastrami on business class

  4. Wow interesting I never heard about Christian airline. That is awsome.
    Are you all hiring? I would love to fly and be your team we can work together
    I speak 7 different languages

  5. “As anyone who tried to get a refund from United Airlines or JetBlue this year knows, we’re all already praying every time we have to deal with one of the major US airlines”

    lol, well said

  6. @Doug

    You cracked me up with Moses1! 🙂 I suggest it’s 1st route between Egypt and Israel LOL

  7. I’m an atheist.

    If they fly to a place I wanna go, for an affordable price, and if they have seats that concur with their Christian culture. IE: Not American/United/Spirit, etc.. slimline torture seats. I will happily praise Jeebus, say a prayer, and fly them.

  8. “only accept members of mission teams”

    How is this even legal? Can you imagine the furore if there was an airline that only allowed atheists?

  9. Sorry, but this is just another somebodies way of reaping financial rewards and living the life by convincing others that God has spoken to them in a vision and you need to give me your money scam. But others have done it. Mega churches convincing their flock that they need mansions and $65 million dollar jets. One road trips we take we often come across areas that have little population and about 10 churches in a mile radius. It’s all just a scam.

  10. As good Christians I’m certain they will allow itinerary changes without penalties and will refund
    any cancellations.

  11. Oh gee, I guess the Jim Jones kool-aid legacy lives on and on
    In the 21st century, idiot’s still buy into this bull shit
    Scams, cons & suckers

  12. Good afternoon and blessings, ladies and gentlemen.

    My name is Sister Nun of the Above, and it is my devout pleasure to welcome you aboard Judah 1, nonstop service to Paradise.

    As you may have noticed, we don’t offer seat belts, oxygen masks or life vests.

    These are not necessary because He will watch over us as we climb to 50,000 feet, taking you closer to Heaven than any other carrier.

    Our lavatories are equipped with Holy Water should you feel the need to rinse your underwear after realizing that we have no pilots.

    Again, this is unnecessary, because our flight deck procedures follow the guidelines outlined in the famous Carrie Underwood song: Jesus Take the Wheel.

    The other sisters and I will be down on our knees throughout the flight.

    In prayer, of course.

    Thank you again for choosing Judah 1 for your trip to Paradise.

    We certainly hope you did not bother paying for a round-trip ticket.

  13. It’s for the Christians, really cheap tickets. They say that the rapture is just around the corner and if that happens better hope the pilots are atheists so homeland security won’t have to worry about lead sled cruising around the sky

  14. I just have to.

    Who will the FA’s be? Since there will be no Trolly Dollies allowed , Man does not sleep with a man as with a Women.
    All the FA’s will have to be Virgins since , since the unpure ones will be stoned..

    No lobster in the Lounges either.

    Since it is a Christen airline will Jews be allowed since Jesus was Jewish?

    Will they close on Sunday like Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A?

    Will they fly to San Francisco to save the Gays.

  15. “Welcome aboard folks. This is Jim Jones, your captain speaking. God is my co-pilot on tonight’s flight.”

  16. Are there any plans to go further a field than America so that people in the UK and Europe could use it – with things becoming tighter with restrictions as missionaries over here we want to be sure that we can still travel by airline – do you have any advice about this?

    Kind regards

  17. “Thank you for flying (Judah 1) Christian Airlines, in an event of an emergency, suck on a Capri-Sun and know that this is God’s plan.

    For our inflight meals today we’ll be having fish and loaves.

    In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will pop down and be sure to secure yours before the others… unless if it’s a fetus, secure that one first.”

    – Trixie Mattel, RuPaul’s Drag Race. 2017

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