New Coach Seat Means Airlines Don’t Have To Give Exit Row Passengers So Much Legroom [Roundup]

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  1. At six foot three, I am distressed by these foot rests. They hit me in the shins and are in my way. Also, I no longer am attracted to these exit rows; as I often would be sandwiched between two other gentleman with not only long legs; but, also, broad shoulders. I would have to sit slightly angled to fit my shoulders around my neighbors’ shoulders.

    I used to think that, because I am big and strong, I could help the FA’s in an emergency with my speed and strength by the emergency exit door. Now, I couldn’t care less. C’est la vie.

  2. More passenger torture from the airlines. That seat mechanism looks very uncomfortable and would be especially so on any flight over an hour. Flying used to be tolerable, but nowadays it’s a pain.

  3. UFO Guy: He’s writing a book. This happens every few years.

    Exit row: Some airlines would do this. Others would rather continue charging extra for exit row seats, which they may not be able to get away with with this configuration. Also, would this actually be FAA legal? If the leg rest thing malfunctioned, it would be an instant safety problem.

  4. Just need Musk or Bezos to offer a $1B reward for any official who comes out openly with definitive proof that the government has pieces of alien spacecraft. Sure, you may be prosecuted, but I bet a pardon would be coming AND you would be rich.

    If no one takes them up on the offer, I think it would be fairly good evidence of the negative.

  5. @thing1 The government would seize your $1B reward without even having to prove you committed espionage, just using civil forfeiture. They do that shit over a guy travelling with 6K, they would not hesitate to use it for $1B. You would be decidedly not rich. You would be even more broke than when you started.

  6. @Frank. Can you imagine going through TSA security?

    TSA: Do you have anything you’d like to declare?
    Me: As a matter of fact, I do. One piece of a crashed alien spacecraft and one billion dollars in small, unmarked bills…..

  7. RE: exit seats

    I feel like there’s a limited utility here. On the 737, there are two rows of over-the-wing exit seats (16 and 17 on Alaska), and I’m sure many more but this is the one that I’m familiar and confident with.

    What are you going to do with only row 16 being able to have this stupid retractable seat pan? Add additional maintenance costs for a single row of exit seats?

    Plus, we’re talking like 2-3 inches of space. How many more seats can you actually fit onto a short-haul single-aisle plane with this?

  8. The seats keep getting increasingly uncomfortable. Why don’t the airlines just jump to to final resolution: pack passengers in coffin-like boxes and ship us like baggage. That’s what they think we are. No more “refreshments”, flight attendants, or phony patronage. First class coffins are better padded. That’s where we are headed anyway.

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