New Devalued British Airways Award Chart Live

British Airways announced they’d be devaluing their award chart for partner flights with one month’s notice, but refused to tell customers what the new chart would look like.

It wasn’t hard to sort out, to a close approximation what the new pricing would be — since it was already loaded into agents’ computers.

The final numbers for what flights on partners other than Iberia and Aer Lingus (which are owned by the same company as British Airways) are close to what was expected, but there are some divergences. British Airways used to price premium economy, business, and first class as multiples of coach award prices. That no longer holds exactly.

BA charges based on distance of each flight. If you are connecting, then each segment is priced separately based on its distance.

Here’s the new devalued British Airways award chart:

Distance Economy Economy Business First
Up to 650             6,000               9,000             12,500             24,000
651 –
            9,000             12,500             16,500             33,000
1151 –
          11,000             16,500             22,000             44,000
2001 –
          13,000             27,500             38,750             51,500
3001 –
          20,750             41,250             62,000             82,500
4001 –
          25,750             51,500             77,250           103,000
5501 –
          31,000             62,000             92,750           123,750
6501 –
          36,250             72,250           108,250           144,250
7001 +           51,500           103,000           154,500           206,000

Shorter routes go up quite a lot in percentage terms, while longer routes are modestly spared. Short haul flights up to 650 miles in North America have not changed pricing. Those are now entirely priced outside of this chart. Those price at 7500 for coach, 15,000 for business, and 30,000 for three-cabin first.

(HT: Head for Points)

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  1. Could’ve been much worse, ridiculous that BA didn’t just publish the new chart when they made the announcement.

  2. Relief! I routinely fly a 1,700 mile flight in Business (domestic F on AA) for 20K. I can handle 22K. Might even transfer some UR.

  3. Darn it! I hoped to see the AA flights of <650 miles decrease in price from 7500 to 6000!

  4. Do BA’s high surcharges apply to all flights, or just flights in and out of the UK?

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