New Marriott Hotel “The Socialist” Where All Guests Are Comrades

With Marriott bending over backwards to appease the Chinese Communist Party, is it really any surprise that they’ve added a hotel to their Tribute Portfolio brand called “The Socialist” in Copenhagen?

The building’s facade, with thick concrete walls, even resembles a modern take on Soviet architecture.

With just 31 rooms and rates that frequently exceed $350 per night the property is hardly egalitarian. And since North Korea’s Air Koryo sells business class it should expected that this hotel offers four different classes of service (from rooms to suites) and “provides privileged access to the surrounding city.”

The website boasts that “within lies an interior of exquisite materiality” by which they certainly refer to dialectical materialism. By staying in a class conscious property while promoting socialism, you’re heightening the contradictions of capitalism.

Is status going to count here at the rebranded Herman K hotel? Or maybe it’s Bonvoy that treats members like comrades, often failing to honor elite benefits elsewhere too? And should you tip housekeeping (certainly the hotel offers them a living wage)? One recent report,

The Plat[inum elite] breakfast was limited to the Socialist breakfast: coffee or(!) juice, two eggs the way you like it, with toast (not sure if fries, too) and a nice bowl of fruit+berries. At first it seemed skimpy, but we continued selecting the same option and only ended up paying to get coffee and juice (real, pressed orange juice).

Despite Bernie Sanders’ predilection for Northern European-style welfare states, this is hip-and-trendy AOC socialism rather than the Vermont Senator traveling with his new wife to the Soviet Union in 1988. This is hardly the first hotel foray into socialism, of course. The W South Beach used to display the image of Che Guevara as art.

Guevara helped set up Cuba’s secret police and forced labor camps, was responsible for the execution of thousands of political prisoners, and tortured prisoners (including children). He called himself “Stalin II” (though felt Soviet totalitarianism didn’t go far enough and preferred North Korea as a model). Yet associating with Guevara, like “The Socialist” in Copenhagen, makes one hip, trendy, and somehow ‘in’ on the postmodern joke… like Argentines who years ago took to wearing a Che t-shirt that read “Tengo una remera del Che y no sé por qué,”

The Socialist is a Marriott Bonvoy category 7 redemption property, at least until award charts are eliminated next year in a move towards eliminating class markers across Marriott-branded properties.

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  1. I suppose this is marginally better than calling a hotel in Germany or Poland The Gas Chamber. Does Marriot have no standards anymore?

    And how does a brand-new hotel in a pandemic start at category 7?

  2. Marriott is the best hotel I have visited so far. I usually travel a lot its always a great experience to visit this hotel. Great service , very helpful and caring staff. Really enjoyed their service every time.

  3. Pathetic. I have nothing against the Northern European Socialist parties, but why would a hotel want to have a politicized name anyway?

  4. At the Socialist Hotel everyone is excessively taxed for being rich enough to stay at the Socialist.

  5. A stupid name for sure. Scandinavian socialism is pretty great but this hotel is a lot more Marxist-Leninist. It should have been called Gulag.

  6. I had to come for the idiotic comments but never thought the post would be more pathetic than the title.

  7. Throw in national in front of the S and it would pleasant except for the awful architecture. Denmark would be better off being 400 years in the past than it is now.

  8. Show your titanium status and you’re immediately relegated to cleaning the toilets for the duration of your stay.

  9. “(T)his hotel offers four different classes of service (from rooms to suites) and “provides privileged access to the surrounding city.”

    All comrades are equal at The Socialist, but some comrades are more equal than others.

  10. Well, given that Denmark is often rated the happiest country in the world I guess paying tribute with a hotel is apropos. Even Gary fell for the bait of their perfectly executed trolling.

  11. Not that it matters because award charts are going away, but how does a brand new hotel start as category 7 when existing ones of nicer brands care category 4 or 5? I wish Marriott had been more transparent about categories when the award chart existed. The idea that a Tribute Portfolio property is a category 7 is kind of absurd.

  12. I think that they should edit the name to be
    The Socialist By AOC

    Anyone here work at Marriott corporate? Was there a contest for worst name for a new hotel?

  13. The irony. Che propaganda, too bad people are too low IQ to know that he used to torture and kill blacks and homosexuals for the fun of it.

  14. Unsurprising from a company that renamed its award program “Bonvoy,” a change I will literally never quit mocking.

  15. I no longer stay at Marriott properties. Deleted them from my contacts, bookmarks and password manager. That might change if they allow me to stay for free. After all, why should Marriott be concerned about something as sinister as “profits”

  16. It makes perfect sense actually – Socialism is about a rich, powerful elite lording over the impoverished masses.

  17. @Joe – That’s the absolute opposite of Socialism. What you’re referring to is called Capitalism. Don’t believe me? Check out a dictionary. I’m not sure who’s been feeding you such bad information but I’d avoid trusting them in the future.

  18. Gary I don’t know, you but I read this and I could hug you. So sick of champagne virtue signalling socialism. I do hope the hotel has special buckets provided so that comrades, who can’t help but gag on the stench of the BS have a place to throw up.

  19. This ranks among the top 5 stupidest articles non-epidemiologist Gary has written.

    It’s a dumb name for a hotel, sure. But I don’t come here for politics (or bad attempts at political satire). I come here for credit card advice.

  20. @Christian – It’s called “reality” friend.

    As a historical reference, see Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Vietnam

    vs United States, Western Europe, and South Korea, and Taiwan


    I realize many on the left consider reality a bad source of information but you can actually learn quite a bit from it.

  21. We just spent two nights at the Santa Barbara Ritz Carlton Bacara. Beautiful old hotel on 75 acres. Had a TV of course (why can’t the high end hotels have Netflix, etc. like normal hotels?).

    At any rate, I watch quite a bit off Fox News normally and guess what – They actually had it available. HOWEVER – EVERY TIME you turned TV back on it didn’t go back to the channel you had been watching – it went AUTOMATICALLY to CNN or MSNBC. Geez.

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