New Massive Chase Airport Lounge Coming And Shockingly Accurate Map Of Florida You Must See

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  1. @Gary: How do you find the flights that correspond to those mileage amounts?
    The online agents don’t know and just, metaphorically, hang up.
    Agent (12/2/2022, 9:41:08 AM): Good day! How can I assist you with our website?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:41:48 AM): I just got your email about Dec. frequent flyer offers.
    Agent (12/2/2022, 9:42:52 AM): Could you please provide me more details regarding your concern?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:43:06 AM): I went to that page and it shows me long haul Ausutin to europe from 18,375 miles
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:43:22 AM): how do I find that flight?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:43:25 AM): thanks.
    Agent (12/2/2022, 9:45:23 AM): Oh I see. In that case, please search for all the details on this link:
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:46:39 AM): nO. tHAT IS the link I gave you.
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:46:48 AM): see the panel on Austin
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:47:04 AM): it says from 18375 miles.
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:47:16 AM): how do I find THAT flight?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:47:34 AM): Not one on the same route that is 150,000 miles
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:47:55 AM): I.e. the offer is subject to specific dates and flights. AWhich ones?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:50:51 AM): are you there?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:54:21 AM): are you there?
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:54:37 AM): This question is not answered.
    Me (12/2/2022, 9:54:49 AM): In fact you have provided no help thus far.

  2. Floridian here, lived in Key West in the 1980s and 1990s, Sarasota 1990s up till 2015. After that, moved to Tampa Bay area. Map is entirely accurate.

  3. It would be great if the Philly lounge could somehow incorporate visits from the adorable Twizzler-stealing raccoon.

  4. The Florida map is great. Alabama for northwest Florida works as well as its common moniker of Redneck Riviera. The ? Section is northeast Florida is appropriate because the area is transitioning from being southern Georgia redneck to New York south.

  5. I can’t wait until Florida is under water. It needs to happen ASAP. That state is just a massive waste of time.

    Of course when that happens the fascist republicans will be screaming for help from the gubmint they tried to overthrow.

    And those Cubans that keep trying to overthrow the Castro regime from the safety of their living rooms 90 miles away? Pound sand! You shouldn’t have killed my favorite favorite President.

    What really upsets me is they are breathing my air…..

  6. such hatred, Jorgey.
    Because Florida has figured out how to give people what they want far more so than other states ?
    You perfectly display the intolerance and unwillingness to accept other people and their choices that IS THE problem w/ America today.

  7. Great news, thank you Gary, I’m going to buy 250,000 miles for me and for my wife today and again in January… great news for our direct flights from TPA to FRA and beyond (56k each way in bus or 70k with Air Canada & United). Just remember that you need to make monthly purchases on your Barclay miles&more MC to avoid losing them

  8. the florida map is about 50/50 the dont say socialism part should also say bring your passport and speak spanish. trump does not live on the main land he lives on palm beach island with all the other billionaires. the ? should be called Georgia. the retired 401k should stay on the west side of florida.

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