New Pyongyang Airport Terminal is Absolute Perfection! Built in Harmony With Modern Aesthetic Taste and National Character!

Earlier this week, Kim Jong Un visited the new domestic terminal of Pyongyang International Airport.

The terminal was ordered built in July 2012 because the existing domestic terminal was seen as too run down compared to what countries around the world had. Last November much of the work was ordered torn down and redone because the project didn’t “reflect North Korea’s “Juche” (self-reliance) philosophy and national identity.” (The official in charge was purged.)

Now, the terminal is ‘absolute perfection’. It is expected to have a grand opening July 1.

Kim said the addition of an international restaurant, airport highway and subterranean parking garage in the last two months met his standards and that the new facilities were “absolute perfection.”

Three years from approval to completion is striking, even including change orders that had to be taken very seriously coming from the Dear Leader.

This speed of course is reflective of the “highly-civilized country” and their “whipping up the creative zeal…”

[Kim Jong Un] was very satisfied to see the terminal well built in harmony with modern aesthetic taste and national character.

He noted with pleasure that the gatepost of the airport was erected in such way as to sustain the national character and the front and back of the terminal are very nice.

The Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have and Glorious General, Who Descended From Heaven should probably be put in charge of London Heathrow since the terminal 5 project there took 20 years.

However, it strikes me that the Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander looks somewhat like George H.W. Bush inspecting the latest supermarket scanners as he’s introduced to the facility.

It’s worth noting just how much freedom people have in Pyongyang. Those permitted to travel to the airport, and with enough resources to actually do so, do not have to go through a nude-o-scope.

The terminal features upscale dining and non-consumerist retail consistent with communist principles shops.

(Photo credits: Korean Central News Agency)

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  1. Looks like peaceful and quite. No need for a lounge to get a lot of work done. Will they have WiFi?

  2. Exactly how many commercial flights is Pyongyang expecting that a subterranean parking garage and (new) highway access is required? Or is this a case of “if you build it, he will come”.

  3. First thought, does it have the airport code, ‘PIA’ No, the code is FNJ. Airport posters are tastefully done in the Mao style. One thing for certain, very little changes a dog will be running across a runway.

  4. I hope that railing can hold all that weight – or else somebody else is gonna get “purged”.

  5. If BER needs someone to get that airport off the ground, they now know who to call!

  6. Great headline! I hope we can convince Lucky to book a flight to the airport for its grand opening, since I know he loves those inaugural type things. BTW, is the Dear Leader wearing a Guayabera?

  7. Gotta wonder how many people that could have been fed but instead starved to death with the money spent to build this thing. Just grotesque.

  8. Looks like two flights in/out each day on Air Koryo. One each for Beijing and Shenyang.

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