New York EDITION Hotel Using Marriott Points

Last month I needed a hotel not far from Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood for a date night with my wife. It’s largely devoid of decent properties, but it turns out The Robey in Wicker Park is really quite nice. It was my first stay at a Design Hotel.

This past week I needed a night in Manhattan and I almost always choose my hotel based on location. I had an evening where I needed to be in Chelsea followed by a morning meeting by the Empire State Building. Prices in Manhattan were sky high, so I opted for a reward stay at the New York EDITION. It was my first EDITION property.

In both cases Marriott Bonvoy had me covered. Goodness knows I’ve had my frustrations with the program but they do have nice hotels in the places I’ve needed to be that are more convenient than what competitors are offering.

The New York EDITION is at 5 Madison Avenue, right across from Madison Square Park. The entrance is on East 24th.

I was welcomed into the hotel at the door and offered a bottle of water. To the right is a nice living room space, and then to the left the check-in desk.

There was no line to check in. It was 1:30 p.m. and I was informed that the hotel was fully committed (this was no surprise, and a heavily booked market is part of how I wound up there in the first place). They told me no upgraded rooms were available but after five or so minutes looking they came up with a room to give me.

This was just one night and I was solo, an upgrade didn’t matter in the least, and I’ve read that they do upgrade elites here when possible. One thing they do not offer is Platinum breakfast, the EDITION brand is exempt from providing it. The remaining brand carve-outs for breakfast still stand out as a gap in the program compared to Hilton which managed to get Waldorf=Astoria properties on board with breakfast a year and a half ago.

Told there were no upgrades (and knowing there was no breakfast) I was informed, “your Platinum status gives you 1000 bonus points.” Paying 60,000 points for the night I’ll happily take 1000 back I suppose.

The hotel’s “destination charge” (non-resort fee) was mentioned, and I was given a card to explain the $35 per night fee. It’s actually a reasonable set of inclusions for those with a chance to make use of the features.

Another card explained free wifi for everyone (no special high speed for elites, and no exclusion for online travel agency bookings).

I was given keys to my room and headed off to the elevators. You have to tap your key to activate an elevator request (and then enter the floor you’re headed to). Unfortunately my key didn’t work. I headed back to the desk, they made new keys and escorted me back to the elevator. Those keys didn’t work, either. At least the desk agent now knew it wasn’t user error!

So we headed back to the desk where they made a third set of keys for me, this time they worked and I went up to my room. Once I arrived at 3008 (30th floor) I was struck by the wooden doors that gave the hotel a very residential feel.

On entering the bathroom was to the right. It was decent size for New York, and fortunately there were miniature (EDITION-branded Le Labo) toiletries in the shower and not Marriott wall-mounted dispensers.

Though the room itself was small it was well laid out and appointed with a couch/table area and that created some separation from the area with the bed.

The room had a nice view out over the city. I didn’t have a chance to partake in any of the other services of the hotel though.

The bed was super comfortable. Turndown service while I was out closed the shades and brought a mini bottle of water and placed it by my bedside.

Staff were all friendly, including on my way out of the hotel when I asked them to e-mail me a folio, which never came.

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  1. Stayed there on a one night Ritz certificate award. Everything you relayed is right on, and as the bed photo depicts, room is tiny. Alas, NY.
    Love the little park right out the door. General area is nice; found a fantastic Italian place a block past Eataly, which is opposite corner of the park.

  2. These “destination fees” are ridiculous. The $35 bar credit can be easily used (@Jason – no it does not include gratuity) since the prices at the bar are expensive, this also forces you to spend $35 with the restaurant on top of or in lieu of other dining. I guess since the bar is open during breakfast hours, you can use it for breakfast instead of $21 cocktails.

    But if you are staying for 1 night, like Gary, you can’t really use the laundry/dry clean service unless you are requesting the express/overnight option, which is usually 2x the (outrageous) cost. Not to mention that the spa is only Wednesday – Sunday, and only 1 service is offered – the massage ($190 for 60 min) with other add-on that cost extra.

    This is just as bad of money-grab as other high-end hotels in NYC like the Intercontinental, Le Parker (now part of Hyatt), and St. Regis.

  3. Was internet part of the destination fee? If so, the hotel was required by Marriott terms to give you a replacement amenity or benefit since internet is supposed to be free. This is a little know provision of the terms applicable to properties charging resort or destination fees.

  4. The use of the destination fee in this particular instance is a pretty ingenious monetization scheme likely aimed at business travelers – extract cash from the employers/clients, provide the travelers themselves with often nonreimbursable benefits (many employers won’t reimburse alcohol, and almost none will reimburse laundry on short trips) in excess of that amount (sticker price), and still clear a profit (because COGS on bar items and laundry isn’t gonna hit $35).

  5. I wish I would have know. You were there! Would have loved to have chatted and discussed miles and points. I was there as well for work – business partner in the Empire State Building – and thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Edition. I earned 22,750 points for my stay. It may be my new go to hotel in Manhattan as I have a daughter at NYU so Madison Square Park is very central to work and seeing her.

  6. Stayed there recently on an award stay as well. Did not receive the card that explained the $35 fee/day. No one at the front desk explained anything about it at check-in. Had same issue with card having to be redone. Right adjacent to the front is another nice restaurant – Blackbarn. Room didn’t look at all like the one in the article much smaller, not what I am used to as a Titanium member.

  7. @nick

    What are replacements you’ve seen for when internet is included in resort fee? What are they required to offer? (Link would be great.)


  8. Was here early May. Guess my timing and attitude was correct. Didn’t go in expecting anything, didn’t ask. Took about 10 mins to find room. Was very patient. Received an incredible upgrade to a corner suite. Although no mention or card given explaining details. Also, wasn’t charged fee. Stayed on an Ritz award. Beautiful hotel.

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