New York Times Halts Sunday Travel Section

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  1. IHG status extension applies to status earned through credit card? Can I cancel card now but still have status through 2021?

  2. The New York Times is like the Sears of 2003. Living on borrowed times. If they keep printing a physical paper much into the future I’d be surprised. Much like my Grandparents kept Sears afloat for years that generation is leaving us much like the NYT core.

  3. @DaninMCI – that goes in the face of, you know, actual data – NYT has actually been increasing total subscriptions year over year. Print will of course continue to decline, but that’s more than offset by the digital side.

    I look forward to them adding to their 125 (and counting) Pulitzers well into the future.

  4. According to Trump they are the” The failing New York Times”
    I’ve been a happy subscriber for decades but then I suppose
    I must like failing newspapers

  5. The NYT is my newspaper and I have a digital subscription, but canceling the Travel section is so short-sighted! If I see one more article about what I can do at home during this term of self-confinement (imprisonment), I will stick my finger down my throat and vomit. Let’s look to the future and think about how we might travel when the opportunity again presents itself, no matter how limited it may be. No, it won’t be the same for awhile until there is a vaccine, but “lifestyle?” Do all we have to look forward to from the NYT are articles about cooking and recipes, flower arranging, redecorating, knitting and crocheting, activities to occupy the kids and the like? Peppering articles throughout the paper rather than a dedicated Travel section is defeatist. Come on NYT!!!

  6. @ADT – it’s one of my favorite sections too, but not sure it’s so needed at the moment, nor can they be sending correspondents out to check out different places. It will return!

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