New Yorkers Banned From Global Entry: Just Change Your Address?

A reader shares that they had Global Entry conditionally approved when New Yorkers were banned from being approved for Global Entry. He arrived at New York JFK off of an international flight from London shortly after the announcement, but while his approval was still active, and sought to do his interview on arrival. No officer was available. A few days later his application was purged along with the rest of New Yorkers.

However he “immediately reapplied” using an address in another state.

  • He was conditionally approved the next day.

  • Arriving again Friday evening off of an international flight at New York JFK he completed his interview, and has been approved for Global Entry.

I arrived last night at JFK … this time was able to complete the process. Again, first question was where I lived. After I told them [redacted], I was asked to wait, and about 15 minutes later an agent showed up to complete the process. And even though I had come equipped with mail showing the [redacted] address, the agent did not ask to see it; he simply asked me verbally to confirm my address.

This morning he received “an email alerting [hum] to the status change. All set.” This suggests by the way that access to New York DMV records isn’t actually necessary for approving someone that has resided in New York.

If you’re a New Yorker with access to another address elsewhere perhaps consider a temporary move? What do you think of this strategy?

Everyone with Global Entry by the way should know why the status gets revoked.

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  1. Also wondering if you have questions about your application (or renewal) and you try to use the website, almost all Contact Us option are broken or overwhelmed. The email contact page is not found. The phone numbers hang up on you, when you choose that option.

    How does one get questions answered?

  2. Is that how terrorists will get around this process as well? Just wondering. A “Trusted Traveler” who lied on his GE application. Nice.

  3. Dani – he could have two homes. I have two homes in two different states. One in NY. The other is not.

  4. Wow. You can have two or more residences, but you only have one place of residence at a time. I would think that putting false information on a federal form is a crime. Why would you lie on a form that you know could have dramatic consequences if and when you’re found out?

  5. Gotta be a federal crime. All to save a little time at the airport.

    If I were a judge and this ever came to my court, this clown would have serious problems.

    One of the stupidest strategies I have ever heard in my entire life.

  6. I would not risk it. Lying can get you banned from GE for life, Trump won’t be President for life (he’s not Idi Amin & this isn’t Uganda). For GE I have to keep my DL updated, so if you register a non-NY address and have a NY DL you’re going to get caught eventually.

  7. But then how will we stop all those illegal people from getting global entry now that they know they can just change thier address?!? We’ll have millions of illegal immigrants flying through customs via global entry??!? I thougt the system was full proof like the wall!

  8. I’m curious why your ID such as a driver’s license doesn’t have to match your address on file???

  9. Certainly disproves the current administration’s argument that backgrounds can’t be done for alleged lack of access to the supposedly needed data…

    “Is that how terrorists will get around this process as well? Just wondering. A “Trusted Traveler” who lied on his GE application. Nice.”

    Not condoning the action taken by redacted reader, even agree with your premise, @DaninMCI, but is it acceptable for an administration to willfully make false representations as fact, and selectively punish citizens as political retribution for their state choosing to not blindly play ball with said administration?

  10. “I’m curious why your ID such as a driver’s license doesn’t have to match your address on file???”

    If you are moving, you don’t/can’t update your info all at one time, so there is some leeway given for life changes, as I learned when renewing my own GE membership during a recent job move 🙂 If you ultimately didn’t like the new job you were starting, and moved (back?) again a month later, does it matter? Not as long as you keep your account updated.

    Would I do that to get out of NY on paper? Hell no! Falsifying info can bar you from TTP for life.

    Then again, I fail to understand why persons with New York addresses can’t participate in trusted traveler programs. This example proves it has nothing to do with a driving records law, and everything to do with a state’s legislative body standing up for our Constitutional Rights against a bully wanting to take them away.

  11. “This suggests by the way that access to New York DMV records isn’t actually necessary for approving someone that has resided in New York.”

    We knew this all along, Trump hates New York and will do anything to spite their residents.

  12. Whenever I see stories about Global Entry, I feel compelled to point out – Americans have to jump through hoops to get Global Entry, which allows entry back to the country with still more hassle than all EU citizens get with no vetting at all. In my experience, once through the EU (and UK) border gate it is extremely rare to have to interact with an immigration officer, while it is very common to be

    In fact, thanks to Brexit, Americans can now use the automated border gates at UK airports. This means that it is now easier and less hassle for an American to enter the UK than it is for an American to enter America.

  13. Stopping illegal immigration is the highest priority and any state government impeding it should suffer consequences. It is unfortunate New Yorkers like myself have to deal with the ramifications of the NYS government but discouraging the aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants is more important.

    Time will tell if the computers after the fact find no DMV registration for individuals who falsified applications. It might not be a real time system but investigated in batches after approval when everything else checks out.

  14. this should have not been approved given the applicator is still living in NY. A loophole need to be fixed immediately.

  15. Well, at least the dude got to interview… i’m still waiting 4 months for ANY kind of response from these meatheads. Utter joke of an agency. (ANYbody else waiting this long for God’s sake?!)

  16. 1) Don’t worry. You won’t need GE when you can’t leave the country.
    Very shortly Americans will be barred from entering other countries because of rampant covid-19. Why, it was just today that Orange Julius was on Capital Hill and was asked by the press if he, like the Congressmen who flew Air Force One to CPAC had been tested for the virus after interacting with an infected person at CPAC. His reply was that he didn’t need to be tested because he didn’t have any symptoms.
    2) A year ado asked a federal judge who is a friend of mine about following the instructions given to me by a GE agent while trying to renew GE. The online app didn’t allow entering a second citizenship. Agent advised me to indicate no second citizenship and change it during the interview. The judge said he’s not allowed tp practice law, but he advised me as a friend against doing it. I think criminality boils down to material misrepresentation. Think your address isn’t material? I think it’s highly material as you would be denied GE if you listed the state where your reside.
    3) I just asked the judge if he could keep you out of federal prison if you had your DNA altered with Crispr to become a sort of permanent “typhoid Mary” of Covid-19. He replied ,”NO, We need to reduce prison costs.”
    (These conversation with my judicial friend are real , unlike many jokes I post here)

    BTW I also asked a federal criminal defense attorney friend and he gave me a legal opinion: Don’t do it (but that didn’t apply to address, and arguably the dual citizenship was not disqualifying so it wasn’t a material misstatement)

    But, not to worry. All the candidates are likely to contract coronavirus and you’ll be asking President Klobuchar or Pence

  17. A little clarification, please, @losingtrader. You used the term “Orange Julius” to reference someone, whom is not clear. Going on a limb here, but wouldn’t it be easier, if not less vague, to just say “Warren Buffet”, since he (through his investment firm) owns Orange Julius?

    Quick fact check: “All the candidates are likely to contract coronavirus and you’ll be asking President Klobuchar or Pence” is only partially correct, in that VP Pence is number 2 in line after the President, but Senator Klobuchar is *not* the President pro tempore of the Senate, thus not on the succession list.

  18. LOSINGTRADER and Mark R I guess you do not understand what sanctuary states are doing to our country..Double standard rules and laws…. the illegals do not need to abide by the laws only the taxpaying citizens!!!!! Jackson Waterson you get it!!

  19. Eyes on the ball, people. This is friendly a discussion about how a New York citizen got around the block in applying for GE, yet potentially committed a federal crime — see @losingtrader’s first post for better explanation — in the process.

    Seems rather ironic, given the several diversionary claims above, that undocumented immigrants statistically have a lower propensity for committing crimes. Source:

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