Next Time You’re in the Window Seat You Can Install a Shelf For Extra Space

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So I’m not 100% sold on this idea, and I think I want to reach out to a couple of airlines to comment on their perspective, but Will R. points me to a do-it-yourself ‘extra shelf’ that window seat passengers can bring with them onto the plane.

spAIRtray is a clever idea, you insert it into the window shade track next to you, and it gives you a place to put your drink so you don’t have to take up existing tray space which you might be using to work on your laptop. And on a long haul flight it’s a place to put your glasses, too, that seems a whole lot better than putting them in the (gross) seat back pocket in front of you.

It’s available for $24.95 with Prime shipping on Amazon and the reviews there are good.

I don’t think I’m going to buy one, because I don’t want to add anything to my carry on bag. My goal is to travel as light as possible, my laptop bag is pretty slimmed down or else I’m using every bit of space for a short overnight so that I don’t need a rollaboard. (There’s nothing like the freedom of not even needing overhead bin space, and being able to board last.)

Still, this seems like it could appeal to someone in a window seat. And it would be a great conversation piece with your seat opponent when you whip it out.

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  1. @RF – Without a window shade that requires a track, I’m guessing that gap isn’t there.

    Looks pretty neat, though. I can see how it would really be helpful for someone who spends a lot of time in economy, prefers the window over the aisle, and is constantly working with their laptop on the tray table.

  2. Exit row pre-flight be like:
    “Are you willing & able to assist?”
    Response “Yes, my personal cocktail tray will not hinder the evac!”

  3. That makes me wonder about those small wire baskets with suction cups that hold a sponge in your sink. Wouldn’t hold a beverage, but could hold glasses, etc. Hmmm . . .

  4. Just wondering, what kind of. carry on bag do you use? I’m looking for something with inside & outside pockets that has a sleeve to slip on a rollaboard if I need one for longer trips.

  5. Or, put your glasses in a shirt pocket.

    I wouldn’t trust a drink on it, the way that thing was bouncing around in the video.

  6. @Chris I’ve actually used this on many, many flights and it is a really great place to keep your drink – very solid. It has a no slip pad on the surface and let’s you avoid spillage when the dreaded sudden recline happens without warning. (; Nice.

  7. Do you know if flight attendants will allow you to use it or ask you to remove it because it’s not “approved”? I’d like to hear from others that have used it and will share their reviews.

  8. I can’t for folks to post on the different FAA rules FA’s say you are breaking with this. Cool concept I’ve half assed hanging my iPad from the window shade or rear upper seat pockets before on long flights but this is innovative.

  9. Bummer for all those people that have to cope with the bright light shining in, on an otherwise dark cabin on long flights when everybody pulls the shade down and they dim the lights, There;s always one bozo with his window up and the sun blazing in. Nice.

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