Noise Cancelling Headphones With Air Purifier, For The Traveler Who Wears Masks When They Fly

You want to watch your shows, you don’t want to hear babies crying on the plane, and you… don’t want to get Covid-19 again. Who knew there was one product to address all of these needs – at once?

Most people I see flying and wearing masks are wearing medical masks. I completely get those who don’t want to wear masks anymore, and I completely get those who don’t want to get sick and wear an N95 mask. I wanted to before the pandemic, like was already common in Asia, but thought it would seem to weird. What I don’t understand is people who wear masks, but wear masks that aren’t very protective. That seems like the worst of both worlds.

But if you’ve got $1,000 to invest you can replace your Bose noise cancelling headphones and your N95s with a single device, the Dyson Zone headphones with air purification which claims to provide both active noise cancelling, and filtered air excluding particles down to 0.1 micron.

You aren’t permitted to wear body tents or masks that impair your ability to hear flight attendants in the event of an emergency. P100 masks can even get a passenger in trouble.

But noise cancelling headphones are permitted! So why not bundle your headphones with masking. I’m not sure I’d invest in that, and I’m not dropping a grand on it, but surely someone will?

(HT: David H)

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  1. Thing 1 wants to see some hard independent data showing this is not a scam.

  2. Uhhhh, no. I already wear a CPAP at night, and don’t want to wear one while I fly! LOLOL

  3. The concept is hella cool but having found good and comfortable proper N95s, I’d be hard pressed to purchase these when they look to me more stifling than a good mask (though undoubtedly cooler looking than a mask).

  4. The evidence for anything more than a marginal benefit for masking against SARS-CoV-2 even with N95 or surgical masks doesn’t seem to be supported by evidence. The studies are not particularly great, and no one is running new studies, so we don’t have the greatest data. I say this as a person who generally wore N95 masks in the community until the end of last year, and in airports even through this year. From the Annals of Internal Medicine:

    But, without Dyson doing studies about virus protection, I suspect the best recommendation one can make is that one can listen to tunes while filtering sawdust out of the air you breath while doing woodwork. But, woodworking is not a particularly lucrative occupation, and few would be willing to spend $1000 on ear protection and dust protection, when they could spend that money on a new tool.

  5. Watch the MKBHD review on these and try to figure out if they are an April Fools joke or not

  6. If you understand the pollution in some 2nd and 3rd world cities you’ll understand where Dyson thinks it has a market for this device. They’ve been working on this thing since before the pandemic.

    I’m skeptical. The filters may capture 99.9% of particles >= .1 micron, but how much of that filtered air are you actually breathing?

  7. I would want eyeshades as well to counteract the jerks in window seats who think it’s OK to light up an otherwise dark cabin.

  8. This news was great for people who always travel on flight also an important point was they change or clean the headset. My thought was they Can change it each and every time so they clean properly then only it was useful for travelling people. Other wise it dumb idea.

  9. May be Dyson still has some engineering skills but who runs their market research?

  10. @CHRIS:
    > The air purifier is also good for driving around in your car all alone.

    This has been a standard attack by the deniers for quite a while now–it’s based on a misconception of what’s going on. Proper protocol is that you should wash your hands before removing your mask and this is especially an issue if you’re going to reuse the mask. As alcohol kills the virus you can also use hand sanitizer.

    On a typical trip, though, I’m driving a short distance, either to another stop or to home. Thus I take the simple route–I put my mask on when I park at my first stop, I take it off when I’ve washed my hands at home. I know there’s no protection from the mask in the car, but there is risk from removing it, not to mention that keeping removing it will shorten it’s life.

    You think we are being paranoid and don’t understand the science but it’s actually a reasonable action.

  11. “…but it’s actually a reasonable action.”

    But you missed a very important point. There’s nothing “reasonable” about wearing a face diaper in the first place.

  12. @James N:
    > But you missed a very important point. There’s nothing “reasonable” about wearing a face diaper in the first place.

    I’m careful. I haven’t caught it. My SIL wasn’t–she has long Covid.

  13. Bought a Dyson fan for 450 dollars after throwing away a
    10 year old Costco special at 59 dollars
    Customer Service (0) Unhelpful and uncaring
    Product beauty attractiveness (8) the iPhone appearance of fans
    Functionality (4) You can not change speeds with mini remote
    if anything is in the way of you and the fan
    Maintenance (1) no way to clean the thing for hygiene cleanliness purposes other than outside casing which collects dirt and dust
    Performance (5) Doesn’t work as well as my Costco fan I pitched and its far noisier unless at the lowest/lower speeds.
    Would I trust them to make headphones possibly yes a safe filter?No way
    My LG clothing dryer offers more protection with its removable filter for lint
    Bottom line the Costco fan was ugly the typical standing fan .
    Worked great up until it died
    Dyson overpriced under performs,nice to look at.

  14. Well, I never wore one and I never caught it, so there goes that argument. Also, why am I not shocked that you fell for the “long covid” malarkey.

  15. @dwondermeant
    > Dyson overpriced under performs,nice to look at.

    That’s my impression of them but I have never bought anything from them and I have no intention of doing so.

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