North Korea’s Air Koryo Adds Online Booking

North Korea’s state airline now offers online booking for its flights to Beijing, Shenyang, and Vladivostok.

What I especially love about the airline – besides the Tupolev aircraft – is that the communist state offers two classes of service.

Just because you can buy your flights online, though, doesn’t mean you can go to North Korea. To obtain a visa you must hold an “authorisation to travel” issued by a travel company in North Korea.

Time to start stalking for mistake fares!

(HT: Milepoint)

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  1. Seems like they do not care about aircraft utilization, turn around at destination is between 2:50 and 5:40

  2. I’ve heard that Skyteam is the “what’s left over” alliance. Surely, Air Koryo counts as leftovers…

  3. I know it’s not particularly relevant, but the food on Air Koryo is actually pretty good. Full meal from Beijing to Pyongyang despite the fact that it’s only an hour and 45 minutes. Extremely cramped on the plane though. Though we weren’t on the Airbus which is probably better.

  4. I was there a year ago. Pretty decent experience, not hard to get in or out. Highly recommended for the semi-adventurous traveler.

  5. Koryo Tours runs a first class operation and yes, you get to fly with Air Koryo. If you’re an American you actually don’t have a choice as they won’t allow you to leave via rail. And despite the fact that they do give you a full meal on the flight, it’s pretty darn awful. Now, the free Pyongyang Times is worth the cost of the fare just for entertainment’s sake!

  6. I nicked the emergency escape card on a 4 day trip with Koryo Tours that was
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