Notes On The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Hyatt’s ‘Disney Hotel’

Hyatt has a Disney hotel. It’s not ‘on property’ like Marriott’s Swan and Dolphin, but being off-property is a plus for many. And the remarkable thing is that it’s actually an excellent hotel. I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress at the end of 2019, and again last month. In a key way the hotel isn’t as good as it used to be, but it would still be my preferred ‘off-property’ hotel for a Disney trip. And everyone loves the macaw in the lobby named Merlot.

  • The staff is fantastic
  • Elites are well-treated
  • The hotel is a resort unto itself (e.g. pool with water slid, mini golf, climbing wall)
  • Clean and in good condition

What’s more, it’s a category 4 hotel – so you can use the various free night certificates earned in the World of Hyatt program, such as the annual credit card free night and additional free night earned via $15,000 spend, the one for hitting 30 nights in a year, and for staying at each group of 5 brands for the first time. Moreover as a category 4 (standard redemption price 15,000 points per night) it can be a nice value on points with rates often in the mid-$300s.

I stayed in a standard suite, confirmed at booking (with confirmed suite upgrade certificate), and that room – identical to the one I had on my November 2019 stay – is essentially two guest rooms, with two doors and two bathrooms, where one room is turned into a living room.

This is perfect traveling with our daughter because she has the sofa bed in the living room, she goes to sleep much earlier and sleeps in later than we do. And when the room is serviced, we were left 4 bottles of water in each room each day – 8 complimentary bottles of water daily is helpful in South Florida. Standard suites at the end of the hallway (which we’ve had on both of our stays) have a view of Disney fireworks.

The only real disappointment about the property is that they’ve permanently closed their club lounge, which used to be excellent both for its provisions and because it was a pleasant space with nice views.

One small area for improvement is with the excellent elevators – they are fast and there’s glass, my daughter loves the ones facing the atrium to watch everything as we head up and down – but there’s no indicator on a floor which one is going to open. So you don’t know where to go, you hear something open and have to figure it out… quickly. A ‘this elevator coming next’ light would be nice.

Breakfast is notable in a few ways. It’s really good for a domestic Hyatt Regency though I wouldn’t call it really good in its own right. The hotel is generous with Globalists for the breakfast benefit in that there’s a choice between the buffet or ordering off the menu (entree, coffee or tea, juice). Terms say access to the buffet is enough. The breakfast coupon specifies that tax and gratuity is included, as it should though some hotels cheat on this.

The buffet includes an omelet station and made to order pancakes, fruit and pastries and the usual sausage and bacon and the like. It’s available in a nice large window of 7 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. as well.

There are numerous dining outfits here, and plenty to do on-property, though in truth we just used it as a base for Disney visits and lunches and dinners entirely off-site for instance at Disney Springs. The only spending we did on property was at the hotel’s coffee shop and marketplace, a Starbucks-ish place with pastries, cereal, snacks, etc. which was convenient but I wish it opened before 6:30 a.m. and which I found somewhat overpriced even for a hotel (a single serving package of dry cereal was $3.25).

The hotel offers a free shuttle to Disney, Universal Studies and also to Disney Springs on a fixed schedule that may or may not work for you, though rideshare is readily available and parking is free for Globalists on points (otherwise $20++/night self-park, $45++ for valet). The hotel has a $45++ resort fee – egregious, but waived for all on award nights and for Globalists on paid nights as well.

This hotel goes above and beyond with elites, not just at breakfast offering entrees OR the buffet since the buffet alone satisfies the requirement, but generally. They’re good with upgrades, responsive with service especially via text, and just overall helpful.

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  1. @Gary “The only real disappointment about the property is that they’ve permanently closed their club lounge, ”
    How many hotels, not just Hyatts (I’ve noticed this in Hyatts too) do you see closing their Lounges or Clubs after COVID because they learned they don’t really have to have them? A bit like housekeeping and decent single-use toiletries going West too.
    I regret the demise of Lounges and Clubs since I found them a refuge. The best clubs, IMO, being Shangri-Las. Haven’t stayed in one since COVID, hopefully I can fix that soon.

  2. I too like the property.A solid breakfast nice team etc
    Actually prefer their buffet sit down breakfast and wasn’t a fan of the club.It was ok
    The offerings were just fair.Hyatt on the whole
    Sadly HR Grand Cyprus closed their once wonderful restaurant Hemingway’s and opened some trendy place in 2021
    The former served one of the best meals I’ve ever had at Hyatt.

    Select properties have been penny pinching Globalists since they started coming out of the pandemic.
    Some hotels insisting entree and coffee no sides or bottled water.Not the case @ Grand Cyprus
    For me Hyatt has been about good value and a complimentary breakfast
    Now massive award devaluations coming.Their currency is losing its punch fast.
    Value and quality have somewhat eroded Ive turned to other programs many that others complain about and found much better generous hotels to their elites than the once wonderful Hyatt .One has to cherry pick

    Hyatt seems to be losing its way with their once premium lounges if they are open at all and with Food & Beverage in general.
    I’ve moved onto other brands as opposed to staying loyal with them.They still have their good properties but not like they did in the past.

  3. Love your reviews Gary. I appreciate you sharing. Despite a few years of being globalist, never tried this HR out. However, I’m sure my kids would enjoy it.

  4. I’m thrilled to have this as a go-to place for guests visiting us in Orlando. It’s also conditioned my children to inquire about a parrot at every Hyatt.

  5. Hyatt Regency Orange County is also a decent choice for Disneyland California. Also many nearby restaurant options.

  6. I have stayed here a number of times, all on business never disappointed. Your notes are all spot on while it’s disappointing they closed the lounge, yes great views on the deck it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The “plague” of closing lounges is wide spread and continues. The operators are in charge of the asylum not the flag management one only has to look at Marriott to see this.

  7. I have been staying there since they opened almost forty years ago. What ashame that the club lounge is now closed. The terrace and views from the lounge or lovely as were the long time attendance. Merlot is the BEST! Does Tim, Merlot’s BFF, still will work there? He’s one of the bellman and has worked there for decades. This is a great hotel overall and has been my go to hotel in Orlando since I moved away in 2004.

  8. Another good spot for parents in Orlando who are IHG members is the Holiday Inn Suites Resort Waterpark. Last month we got a fine 2-bedroom suite with living room for a relatively small amount of IHG points. The pool has a complex of water slides that keep kids busy for hours, as well as other things like mini-golf, a theater that shows free family films at night and sometimes has special presentations like magicians, ping-pong table, etc. It also has a food court where the food is only average, but after a day at the parks we were glad not to have to go anywhere again. Also an ice cream shop. The only flaws: the week we were there the pool heater was on the fritz; breakfast buffet (quite extensive) is $24.95 for adults but kids eat free with you. This was ok for us as one adult was not really a breakfast person and the two kids went with the other for free.

  9. I agree that I wish the coffee shop opened earlier than 6:30am! I was working in the lobby early and actually had to order coffee from Wawa a couple of times because I just couldn’t wait until 6:30 for cup #1.

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