Now We Know Just How Cheap United’s Inflight Amenity Kits Are

United will sell you its ‘city-friendly’ special edition inflight amenity kits. The market price? Just $19.99.

Since they don’t contain the sort of desirable high-end toileteries offered by better international airlines, and the kits themselves aren’t designer (like Rimowa luggage or Swarovski hand bags), they’re priced reasonably … although with shipping starting at $13.89, you’d have to buy a bunch for them to be economical to purchase. (Separately, I expect the eBay price of these to fall now that they’re available direct from United.)

Now you don’t actually have to fly United to get these!

I’m tempted to buy a Cleveland-friendly kit

.. since United is eliminating that hub. Maybe that one will go on clearance?

(HT: Rick E)

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  1. The United amenity kits really are cheap compared to most airlines. They are probably making more out of these tin kits, including the outrageous shipping charge, than they do on most domestic tickets!

  2. I am tempted to buy the CLE kit. It is certainly a “limited edition” collectors item…in 30 years, it could be worth something!

  3. Didn’t you get the memo? The price on the Cleveland kit is going to be $59.97 since its really collectible now. LOL

  4. In my experience procuring airline amenity kits, the generic or house branded kits (viz. not co-branded with a luxury goods brand) cost no more than 2-3 Euro when purchased in bulk.

  5. Another Cheap Continental Amenity kit – “I think you are going to like” with the UA/CO merger !

  6. Just out of curiosity, do they only have specific kits on each route(ex: LAX kits on a LAX flight)? Or do they give them out randomly on all routes?

  7. If you have a day job, don’t quit. A few more posts with this elegance and ‘taste,’ and t hat day job will look very attractive.
    Seriously, do you collect amenity kits? Did the nuns beat you in primary school or perhaps your mother did not think you were cute? Therapy is available…

  8. @Jason they are distributed randomly, although you can ask the FA for a specific city, and they’ll provide if it’s loaded on the flight.

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