Once A Focus City, Delta Can’t Run Away From Raleigh Fast Enough [Roundup]

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  1. you forgot to mention all of the route cuts by other airlines at RDU.
    Delta still remains the largest airline at RDU.

  2. Raleigh is especially hit hard by office closures and remote work. There isn’t a lot of origin-and-destination leisure demand for Raleigh.

    If you want paid first-class, Delta regularly has cheaper first-class airfares that involve a connection in RDU. Sometimes coming from DTW, I get the option of a double connection at JFK or DCA and RDU.

  3. Avelo is now flying from New Haven to RDU which can pick up some of the lost BDL pax load.

  4. Raleigh is the quintessential small city where McKinsey consultants would fly in every week and get paid a million bucks to tell your CEO what he already knew but didn’t have the balls to admit.

    No surprise that arrangement isn’t holding up in the present environment.

  5. Olaf is right about McKinsey – when I was at NCDOT we spent several million on their “advice.”

  6. Austin is much more profitable than Raleigh. Relocating resources to Austin would be more insightful.

  7. Every one of those Delta routes which have been cut were flown by RJs, in some cases 50 seat RJs. Delta is no different than American or United or Alaska in having to cut RJ flights because of the pilot shortage.
    Much of the local demand from RDU to those cities has vaporized as others have noted; it simply is not viable to use RJs to keep the remaining mainline flights from RDU given that all of those connections can and do operate over other hubs.

    I’m not sure there is even a story here any more than the dozens of cities that have lost RJ service.

    The real story will be what AA, AS, DL and UA do to stabilize their RJ operation and then you know how small cities and RJ heavy routes and focus cities will regrow.

  8. Inaccurate title. RDU-CDG has returned post COVID. If they are trying to “run away from RDU” as you claim, I don’t think they would be adding a transatlantic flight. But I guess it’s easier to repost something someone said on Twitter than actually research and report…

  9. AA has RDU -LHR paid by Glaxo-Smith .

    They make a fortune off it so they will never get rid of that.

  10. @Olaf and @Jeff

    If I may…add to your comments about MiKinsey…

    They get paid millions of dollars to tell the CEOs what their employees would tell them for free.

    but because the employees don;t charge millions of dollars, their ingput isn’t considered important.

  11. The RDU focus city was almost all DCI. Regionals can’t staff, so non-core operations like RDU go away in favor of frequency at hubs as DL tries to rebuild its (now, post-COVID) underweight domestic schedule.

  12. Allegris sounds like the as awful sounding Allegis. Anyone remember that?

    Good ol’ Dick Ferris…lol…R.I.P.


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