Once Glorious American Airlines MD80, Rotting In The Desert

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  1. I don’t know that an MD-80 was ever glorious. Workmanlike, efficient perhaps, but glorious never

  2. The BLM movement has made me considerably more sympathetic toward Mexicans. Even as their families were separated at the border (a human rights tragedy) Mexicans didn’t riot. Mexicans didn’t demand one tenth of the nonsense that BLM has demanded.

  3. If you are that anxious, wouldnt it make sense to have one parent take the child to the theme park, and the other parent stay back with the anxious child at home?

  4. @Jason

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. People should not be coming over the border illegally and violating the sovereignty of Americans. No other country respects people coming over illegally. Countries should always prioritize their own. Illegals should be deported the same day. That would prevent children being separated from their abusive families who committed a terrible crime by coming over the border illegally.

    Whatever closes the Mexican-American border, I’m down with it. We don’t actually need anything Mexico produces and we don’t need their unsafe tourist destinations.

  5. @Jason

    LOL. Last I checked, Mexicans didn’t have to deal with Jim Crow and Slavery.


  6. @ Jerry. I disagree. From a passenger point of view the five across (Y) and four (J/F) seating was “glorious” when traveling with spouse, especially in Economy. Additionally when seated in front of the wing it was SUPER quiet, just be sure to stow your roll-aboard on the right (starboard) side for the larger overheard bins.. From a pilot’s point of view, the MD- Super80, when they were new with MC, were SUPER quiet on the pointy end. We did not need headsets on the “flight deck” (formerly known, before Propaganda Compliance, as cockpit) to carry on a conversation or hear the radios. You did have to closely monitor the engine instruments on engine start since you couldn’t hear them and were the only indication the engine was starting. I always thought it had a great ride in turbulence just as the L-1011 Tristar did. My all time favorite was the B-737 . . . when I started earning more than $100 hour.

  7. Looks like Chrissy Tiegen selectively quoted that sentence without the follow-up in which you state “flights have not been super spreader events”. It comes down to: do we do everything possible to stop any and every route of transmission, or do we focus on which routes of transmission have the a highest reproduction-rate-to-econominc value ratio?

    If we block middle seats maybe we take R-value from 0.98 to 0.97. Worth it for $X million? Maybe not if you consider that closing bars could take R-value from 0.98 to 0.50 and only cost $XXX million. (These are totally made up numbers just trying to illustrate a useful train of thought).

  8. Actually, things don’t really ‘rot’ in the desert.
    That’s why they store them there…..

    P.S. The airfield in Mojave, CA is a sight to behold.

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