Once You’ve Checked One Bag, You Might As Well Check Them All

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  1. AA really is the new United when it comes to just going straight to escalation when anything happens.

  2. Honestly they should have removed most of the passengers on that American flight. I didn’t see anyone double or triple masking. The science is overwhelmingly clear at this point, the case counts keep going up, people are dying in the streets, and people who are only single masking are the culprits for all this unnecessary infection and suffering.

  3. Can anyone explain to me how it’s safe to go anywhere in public, let alone an airplane, without three masks on?

    At this point we should have police armed with batons ready to engage anyone unwilling to submit to our public health czars. There is so much unnecessary misery being caused by people who are anti-maskers and making life a living hell for those of us who know how to follow the rules.

  4. That has to be one of the stupidest suggestions I have ever heard! You never check your essentials like meds, I have been married to an FA for over 25 years, and there are too many stories about just what you suggested, and then the luggage gets lost, and the people are F***’ed.

  5. Stephen W

    I was just going to laugh and acknowledge your obvious sarcasm, but there ACTUALLY ARE “people” who live and breathe (no pun intended) exactly what you wrote! LOL! Seriously.

    It’s a sad existence being THAT brainwashed, hateful, and ignorant…. Thanks for the laugh though!

  6. As a frequent business traveler for 40+ years, I most often checked a bag for International flights only. Rarely did I check a bag for domestic itineraries; when I did, I always utilized a carry on with essentials, one change of clothes & gear I COULD NOT afford to be without.
    Never leave yourself 100% at the mercy & grace of an airline…period.

  7. This suggestion should be torn into five pieces and checked in five different bags on a Spirit flight from Boston to Los Cabos.

  8. @StephenW. Not only 3 masks, but 2 vaxx shots, 4 boosters, and an Fauci Ouchie tattoo. Oh yeah, all that helps make covid less severe when you do all that and get it anyways. Muh Science wins again!

  9. The problem is not the science. It’s the little demigods that interpret it and fauci it up.

  10. For the lady who got thrown off the plane, I think I heard the other pax complain she wasn’t being compliant. That’s her mistake. No matter how idiotic the mask mandate is, you should put your mask on when a flight attendant tells you to do so. Before then, do what you want.

    For the family with the 12 bags, how do they leave the airport with that much luggage? Unless I was a refugee fleeing Ukraine, I can’t imagine travelling with half that amount of luggage.

  11. The guys in the video seem pretty uncomfortable with their role in the charade. I have no problem if some people want to continue wearing masks because it makes them feel more comfortable. Those people, however, should not have the authority anymore to enforce it on others. My workplace has moved to masks “not required but recommended” in the past few days. Still, I’d say about 75% continue to wear them, and this in a county where the seven-day rolling infection rate is currently sitting at zero. Some people will have trouble letting go. That’s fine. But stop making it a mandate.

  12. Well, they checked as many bags as they could for the allowance on AA. The checked bags all have priority stickers on them, so I’m guessing all 6 of them flew FC so 2 free checked bags each. The remaining bags they have sitting on top would be carry-ons.

  13. Trying to sip coffee while still on the ground got the issue made over the mask. In flight it would not.

  14. It is easy to say and sound like a tough guy in these comments and not in the situation, but I’d like to think if that’s truly what happened – I was drinking coffee intermittently before departure on a plane and the flight attendant had a vendetta against me – that I would insist American creates a David Dao moment by dragging me off the flight. Not sure if I’d have the balls to do it or not, but I paid for a seat and have every right to be on that plane, so I’m not trespassing, and they can suffer the PR image of dragging me off via armed law enforcement if all I did was take a sip of coffee every now and then at 5:30 am.

    This nonsense has got to stop.

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