One Airline Has Banned More Passengers Over Masks Than Any Other [Roundup]

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  1. On bus service: I couldn’t see any pics (maybe they show up on a desktop browser, I’m on my phone.) but it all depends on the interior. In theory a bus could get very fancy. Oven for hot meals, full beds for lovemaking with my sexy wife. I’d take that!

    On Delta banning non-maskers: I have no particular reaction. Delta earned its place at the top of the airline hierarchy. If AA were to summarily ban such a large number of pax, they would be seen as very arrogant. This is irrespective of whether bans are deserved and just.

  2. Bravo to Delta for being a responsible & moral corporate citizen! If a flight is necessary in the near future, Delta is the only choice!

    United’s service continues to be abysmal; instead of a bailout, I’d say let this miserable operation sink or swim on its own.

    American should take a cue from Delta. Though not as incorrigible as UAL, its service generally leaves a lot to be desired & packing its planes during a Pandemic is sheer insanity.

  3. Very smart decision by Delta. Good business decision and a responsible societal decision. The yahoos who think that wearing masks on a plane is violating their rights are probably NOT going to be valuable customers for Delta after the pandemic has subsided. This is a great opportunity to permanently discourage a market segment that is way more trouble than its worth. This action will reinforce Delta’s premier position among US carriers.

  4. The right thing to do. Would not expect less for anybairline. At least until COVID is over.

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