One Company Is Making Millions Booking Hotel Rooms For New York City’s Homeless

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  1. @Gary – clearly you have only seen the large bachelor parties roaming Vegas. The more typical scene is the single person sitting alone in a casino shoving quarters into slots. There”s more of a socially distanced Vegas market than you think.

  2. Hertz lost their way like others with customer service and at a certain
    point they were done in by ride share and finally the pandemic IMO
    They did not remain relevant in changing marketplace sadly
    The last time I rented in January I said never again only on price next time not brand
    They refused to post my FF miles and at the end of the rental saying that cars in auto-body shops don’t qualify when you are renting from us

  3. @ Robert

    “shoving quarters into slots.”

    I haven’t seen a coin-operated slot machine since the 80’s.

  4. @Robert so true, though I don’t think my friends and I are quite the sad lonely types that your comment evokes! We would definitely go without the crowds. (And you’ll never win anything just betting a quarter a pull.)

  5. I want that Nordic Choice Hotels deal! Less than $50/night to travel around Sweden for two months, with free breakfast. Yes, please! Darn this plague! (And, y’know, my job and family.)

  6. In the long run, this will prove to be an unmitigated disaster for the hotel chain. They should have taken a closer look at what at happened during the hurricane that tore up New Orleans. Evacuees were housed everywhere. I don’t know the number in Houston, but when it was all over no one could get a large number out of their “temporary” free housing and many still squat today. Horror stories like this appeared in several locations.

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