One Country Will Cover All Your Costs If You Get The ‘Rona On Vacation

Countries are opening up to tourism slowly, in fits and starts, and in different ways. Some, like Greece, don’t plan to do more than ‘random testing’ on arrival of some tourists. Others, like the Maldives, are planning for testing of everyone on arrival.

Without testing it’s much lower cost and risk to enter a country. But it’s not as reassuring. In some sense you want to be able to travel without getting tested, but you also want everyone else to be tested for your own peace of mind.

One of the risks with testing on arrival is false positives. There will be people who do not have the virus whose tests say that they do. They’re stuck in limbo – or at least with hassle – in the case of the Maldives, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

However you might actually catch the virus while you’re traveling. And if you do you’re faced with an unexpected situation. You’re going to need to quarantine. That may mean a couple of extra weeks on the ground with lodging and meals, and changes to your onward or return flights. You may need additional medical care. Do you know what your health insurance covers abroad?

Several weeks ago I wrote that it’s time for some people to consider travel to some places but that this is a hidden new expense you need to consider first.

One country, though, has you covered: Cyprus wants you back badly enough that they’ll insure you against this risk by promising to cover these costs should it become necessary.

Cyprus is pledging to cover all costs for anyone testing positive for the coronavirus while on vacation on the eastern Mediterranean island nation…The Cypriot government says it will cover lodging, food, drink and medication for COVID-19 patients and their families. Patients will only have to pay for the taxi ride to the airport and the flight back home.

Air travel will re-start to Cyprus June 9 with testing required within the 3 days prior to travel, though that requirement will end June 20 for passengers coming from 13 countries “”including Germany, Finland, Israel, Greece and Norway.” That list will change, though notably it’ll be easy for most anyone to enter Greece starting July 1.

I haven’t been to Cyprus in 13 years, driven by a $33+tax Alitalia business class fare from Toronto that allowed stopovers in Italy. It may be time to return.

On the other hand, isn’t this just an invitation for anyone with the virus to travel to Cyprus and have all their expenses covered..?

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  1. Wow, we should chance our lives traveling because one country would pay our medical if you contracted the virus. Chances are if we had the misfortune to contract the virus we most likely would be home before it manifested itself.

  2. The USA fed Americans quarantined at Travis AFB from the Grand Princess with stale processed cheese sandwiches made with “bread-like” slices.

    What do you think Cyprus will give Covid-19 foreigners for free?

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