One Credit Card is Now Offering a Bucket to New Customers Who Apply

Six years ago Japan Airlines Mileage Bank was giving away a stuffed animal as a credit card signup bonus.

They’re known for having some of the worst card bonuses. In 2014 they ran a member-get-member campaign for their card where if a friend signed up you’d get.. a towel.

Three years ago Walmart offered a 2 liter bottle of soda.. and cookies. Although it appears that may have been for applying rather than being approved and using the card.

Look at this great churn with the Walmart credit card!

Costco consistently offers the most low value merchandise as an application bonus. They once gave you a cooler for an in-store application. (HT: yugrudfoo).

Costco Cooler Bag Reward

Now instead of a cooler @saianel reports that Costco is currently willing to give you a bucket if you apply for their card.

Along with some pvc pipe, gravel, sand and charcoal you could use a bucket to build a water filter. You can grow food inside of a bucket. Or harvest rainwater. You could even attach a couple of straps to the bucket and make it a backpack. With holes near the bottom of the bucket, and placed inside roasting pans, you might be able to use it to feed chickens. Buckets are also super useful if the ALS Foundation gets the ice bucket challenge to go viral again.

Since buckets are super useful some of you are probably wondering whether existing cardholders might be able to secure message asking Citibank whether they’ll match the offer, or if you have the personal card whether they’ll let you apply for the small business card in order to qualify for the bucket. Please report back on your experiences.

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  1. Based on the language, without looking at the fine print, this is an application bonus: as long as you apply, approved or not, you get the bucket. Definitely churn-able!

  2. Gotta read the T&Cs. “Only 1 bucket every 24 months. You can’t get this bucket if you have had this bucket or any other buckets in the past.”

  3. In college in 2006, I remember they had reps on campus getting people to sign up for Discover cards in exchange for a free Subway footlong. Since it was paper applications, you could just put fake SSN and other info and get as many subs as you wanted lol. Most delicious sign up bonus ever.

  4. I would take advantage of this if I was getting ready to kick the bucket. But if I needed it for my bucket list, since there it does not include a lid, I would pass.

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