One Immigration Mistake You Could Easily Make and How Much People Spend on Uber/Lyft

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • How much Americans spend on Uber and Lyft — broken out by US city

  • Rookie mistake anyone could make putting your passport in your carry on bag before an international flight, and then getting forced to gate check the bag — the bag goes to baggage claim, but you can’t get through immigration without your passport to reach baggage claim…

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  • Brazilian media is reporting that American is cancelling its New York JFK – Rio flight, something that’s definitely been under consideration. The report is that service is expected to end in March, I’d be surprised if it lasts that long. While award space is often not good despite low loads, confirmed upgrade space has been excellent.

  • Equifax manages other consumer credit databases and you may not be confident about their security either.

  • Tell us how you really feel. (HT: @skofarrell)

  • What happened to MH370? (HT: Bruce Drum)

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  1. Boarding an international flight, don’t you need to show your passport along with your boarding pass?

  2. @Jason – I’ve been on lots of international flights (especially within Europe) where there was no passport check at the gate. Most recently a couple of weeks ago flying Madrid -> Marseilles, where I was surprised to have to go through passport control, again. Despite not having gone through passport control to leave Spain.

  3. @rob that doesn’t make sense. There are open borders between Spain and France as they’re both in the Schengen area. Did you go through a passport control booth, or was someone just spotchecking?

  4. @Jim Baround – passport booth just as if I had flown in from outside Schengen. The only difference is that there was no stamping of the passport. The guy did swipe it and compare me to the picture.

    I was more than a little annoyed at the whole thing because I *was* flying from within Schengen and (of course) ended up at the end of a long line of non-EU people.

    I assume that this was put in place, despite the Schengen agreement, thanks to the flood of migrants from the middle east and Africa.

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