One Last Hurrah in American’s First Class Flagship Suite!

American’s 777-200s are being retrofitted, and the first one is now in service with a brand new business class that looks fantastic but no longer offering first class.

Since American’s 777-300ER aircraft got a new first class, that means the old Flagship Suites are being retired.

I reviewed American’s first class lounge at New York JFK at the start of the trip.

From the lounge I proceeded to the departure gate just as boarding was already starting to commence.

And there she was! It’s like a throwback to what feels like an earlier time. There’s great space, even some ingeniousness to the seat. They’ve enhanced the soft product over the past three years. But at its core is a large first class cabin (too large for modern economcis) with a seat that’s been left behind by the competition, with privacy provided only by passengers being angled away from each other.

The seat swivels. The most unique feature is that you can turn the seat to face many directions with about a 180 degree turn. If you’re traveling with someone, turn complete to face them and they can do the same.

I didn’t take a picture of it that way, but here are middle seats with a divider up between them which can be lowered for passengers traveling together.

There’s a blanket and mattress pad with small pillow in first class, it was on the seat’s ottoman. And there’s a big pillow and blanket above the seat in the overhead, too. Together they make for quite nice bedding.

Amenity kits were distributed.

Menus were distributed as well. You can pre-order your order through the same system American uses for domestic flights — which is to say you choose from an option that’s also on this menu, not from a longer selection of off-menu items the way that Singapore and Thai allow.

    Click to enlarge.

Pajamas were distributed. I do like American’s pajamas, my older pairs have washed and lasted well.

On takeoff I was asked my meal choice, I chose the steak and asked for their quick service since I wanted to go to sleep right away.

I was asked if I wanted to be woken for breakfast. My preference is not to be, though I’m usually up by then or at least I’ll wake up when breakfast service begins.

    Click to enlarge.

For dinner I first asked for Dine Upon Request service. This is how it’s described.

Want to Eat but Need to Sleep?

In order to allow you to sleep as long as possible, you may choose our Dine Upon Request® service which allows your meal to be presented all at once, at the time you desire.

I thought I might sleep, and take my meal later. I was really beat. But I was told that they don’t do that, it wasn’t possible. Which seemed strange to me since the offering is even a registered trademark of American. But instead I skipped the soup and salad and just had them bring my entree and appetizer.

I did also have them bring the ice cream sundae, I had just a few bites and then made my bed.

This was the first time in international first class where there’s been bedding and I’ve made my own bed. That was fine, and the bedding is quite comfortable and so is the seat.

I slept on and off for six hours, which was fantastic. I was up, breakfast was served. It was fine though I’ve have better eggs on most other carriers.

Ultimately I will miss this seat, I sleep well in it. And I will miss having a cabin that’s as large with so many seats. American will have far fewer planes with first class, and those have fewer first class seats still. They have too many now on the 777-200 which is why first class awards (and upgrades) have been pretty easy to get.

At the same time, the business seats will be quite good. And it’s certainly time for a cabin refresh. For instance, the 777-200 I was on was held together with tin foil…

They do hold business and economy passengers while first class deplanes, there are some clear areas where the service elements are spot on (not least of which the bedding and pajamas) and some elements where they’re behind (service is entirely crew-dependent and the meals are nearly identical to what’s offered in business class). It makes sense that for the most part American will be focused on a strong business class going forward, where they do very well, rather than the sort of top end service that American companies don’t often pay for and Asian carriers provide better.

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  1. Thanks. Am flying this next month DFW to LHR. Never flown international first before, so I’ll take even this lame version over nothing!

  2. Will miss those “cabins”. Always made me feel like Captain Kirk commanding the Enterprise as I swivelled into proper position for take-off, the again for the balance of the flight!

  3. If you just said that boarding had already started when you arrived, I think most of us would have believed you. 😉

  4. Its been several years since I flew AA international first I will fly next week on GRU to MIA, these seats have been in AA First class for over 20 years, it was about time they changed them

  5. I flew in that cabin DFW-NRT and was seriously surprised I had to make my own bed… Plus my pre-departure beverage was served in a plastic cup. What kind of first class is this? LOL

  6. @italdesign – SQ has the best food, I happen to like the CX/BR seat better. And I’d choose BR Of course aircraft matters so I’m assume I’m comparing the top line offering. All are excellent. I’d choose BR > CX > SQ in business but could make a reasonable case a totally different way.

  7. Gary, I should have been more clear, but I was wondering how you would compare the AA F described in this post to CX/BR/SQ J.

  8. I don’t care if the seats are outdated or not. I managed to get F award space on this for my family multiple times. And as important, for a 6’6″ guy, you can actually lie down comfortably. My kids still rave about the FRA-DFW flight in these seats. Of course, I have yet to try international F on any other airline.

  9. @italdesign – I know folks will think I’m crazy but I’d take AA for the spaciousness, and I just slept so well. Most would consider CX/BR/SQ J to be better than American F but I care about sleep, though I sleep very well in CX/BR J I love the general space for a long flight. I would rate the CX/BR/SQ J meals and soft product as being superior to AA F however.

  10. “Suite?” They’re a little lax w/ that term . . . Make your own bed?? Is this First Class or Econo-class?? For shame!

  11. Gary – am I missing something but where are you going?? No where do I see where you’re going – JFK to ________??

  12. @mark,

    Yes. They are great pictures. Flying the “last in the loot” is always great. I flew the last scheduled BOS-JFK on a SAAB 340B, so yeah….great pictures.

  13. @Gary, did you not have the FA’s make the bed for you? They always have for me in F class on AA.

  14. I only had one flight in a Flagship Suite, but I loved it! Daytime flight from LAX to MIA, swivelled my seat to face out the window and watched as we passed over amazing desert scenery below – they also provided an Empower-style adaptor for my laptop so I worked on my thesis for a couple of hours in one of the coolest offices I’ve had 😀

  15. I’m w/ Alan. Love to swivel the seat to look out the window. Otherwise I like Cathay better.

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