One Man. 23 Weapons. A TSA Checkpoint. And He Didn’t See What The Problem Was.

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  1. 23 weapons and the guy gets a fine and TSA’s concern is it slows down the process. Americans, you see nothing wrong with the whole thought process of your people? Do us all a favor, close your borders and keep yourselves in.

  2. Those UK-AMS flights are always full of party folks from the UK. I’m surprised there aren’t many more incidents than that.

    Just think @Ray at least they don’t have brass knuckles and knives with them so rest easy.

  3. I had a P-38 miniature military can opener on my keychain and the TSA confiscated it, and this guy thought he could board with all these real weapons?! Crazy people.

  4. The guy with the knife was also in boarding group 9, had 5 carry-ons, and thought he could pre-board because he needed extra overhead space. I ask you: which is the greater offense?

  5. @ Ray. Great idea. We’ll just let you guys get on with handling the world. Have fun.

  6. @ray
    Lefties care more about guns then they do about the child grooming and child murder that their parties support.

  7. Most of what’s listed for him are tools, not weapons. The brass knuckles are the exception.

  8. Box cutters, you know the ones that took down 4 airplanes were tools too. Doesn’t matter what the original purpose of the contraband is, it’s what can be done with them. Everything he had in his possession were criminal tools.

  9. @koggerj typically ignores how members of the right wing have groomed teenagers for sex. But of course Kogger is using transference as he is a nonce himself

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