One Man Has Been Traveling The Country Videotaping Women Naked In Their Hotel Rooms

A 49 year old man was arrested in Key West, Florida after two young women discovered a video camera in their room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Key Resort.

The two had just returned from the beach. One woman was standing in front of a mirror naked while going through her suitcase, police reported.

The other woman had just gotten out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel when she spotted a long black cord that was affixed to a camera.

The cord was coming from the room next door.

After the woman in the towel yelled, “’That’s a [expletive] camera!” the cord was retracted by someone in the adjoining room and then she heard someone inside the room running around before a door slammed, police said.

The camera had been “slid under the door” of the room. After getting discovered the man stayed in his room. The women called police, who then knocked on his door. He denied having anything to do with a camera but the officer said ‘he could get a warrant’ and the perpetrator cracked.

Robert Mann Privette from South Carolina was arrested for “video voyeurism” and burglary. He admitted to using this camera technique on business trips he had taken across the country – he couldn’t even say how many times though copped to “ten-plus times over the past year.”

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  1. Won’t his employer be pleased to learn this is what he does on “Business” trips.

  2. Technology has made cameras so tiny it is nearly impossible to find them. They were “lucky” they saw the cord.

    Lots of sick people out there.

  3. That’s absolutely lucacris. He’s wasting his mind and life doing immature things. With all this money to be made online with starting a business, anyone would strive for excellence to get their mind right and start a side hustle. The world we live in….

  4. Wait …he couldn’t afford a wireless camera?

    Sounds like the type of guy who….
    oh well,
    I just know better. (I tell the cops through the door to go away and get a warrant)

  5. Connecting room doors and main entry doors should seal like home exterior doors. They don’t. The worst is in Aloft hotels, where the connecting room door might as well be a saloon door. I can stick my hand through the gap in those. Whenever I get those rooms, it’s inevitable that the neighbors have 3am loud as hell porn star sex while I have an 8am meeting

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