One of My Favorite Reader Comments, Ever.

When you write a blog, you ‘put yourself out there’. I tend to be more analytical and less personal than some bloggers, but my travel decisions are certainly open to criticism. But a lot of readers. Every single day. It can take a tough skin sometimes to hear all of the comments and second guessing.

It’s nice to get positive comments, though, and I thought I’d share one of my favorites, I think, to date.

Michael S. writes,

Thanks for the informative site. I can see why “Mommy Points” calls you fancy pants. You are a very elegant man with elegant tastes in food, wine and travel which is fine by me.

I don’t know that I’m actually elegant, but I certainly do have preferences that I share here on a daily basis!

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  1. Gary, you’re by far my favorite blogger! I enjoyed being able to hear you at the 2011 Chicago DO and was sad you were unable to present at the 2012 DO. I love that you’re able to balance having a real job with your travel interests — something you share with your readers.

  2. Gary its amazing how you publish so many good articles in a week, where do you find the time, thanks for your work

  3. I absolutely agree.

    The other nice thing is that you stay true to who you are. You don’t accept bribes from the credit card companies or free trips, etc. That’s one of the reason I stay away from the points guy and some other bloggers. Once you work for Chase via their where is the points guy, and similar promotions, it is pretty hard to claim to be objective.

  4. Nothing wrong with opinions. I like that I can give an opinion on anything, even if it’s something stupid.

    The only problem is when opinionated people are closed to others’ opinions, but you’re pretty good at avoiding that.

  5. You are the best blogger you know-love your perspective year after year.I always learn something new from you.

  6. Since you are all about First Class, isn’t it more like “fancy free slippers in first class”?

  7. @FlyingBear — Let’s hope that Gary wears something more than free slippers in first class…maybe free Fancy Pajamas?

  8. Mr. Fancy rolls like I do, so I can relate. Much more than a full time blogger/traveler like Lucky.

  9. So I am pretty sure that the commenter calling themselves “Lucky” is not the same person who writes the “One Mile at a Time” blog.

  10. Your blog is good. It’s like the Mercedes level blog among VW’s but I have no idea about your pants 🙂

  11. Gary, I too love your blog. You are a must read for me each day. Please stay as you are and remain objective in your writings. Like one of the commenters, I am a bit tired of the other blogs that just seem to push credit cards and other products for their personal interests. Likewise with the ‘tip of the hat’ blogs. I use to go to their blogs periodically but have stopped doing so. I avoid clicking on anything they write to avoid giving their site more hits. That’s them though … I still come to View from the Wing each day. Thank you!!

  12. I’d never think of a man as “elegant” no matter what! We just don’t have what it takes. I like Mommy Points’ description though, fancy pants.

  13. Thanks for all the hard work Gary! We recently experienced the Conrad Koh Samui thanks to you. Btw, it’s not like Mommypoints is exactly slumming it now a days!

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